Where Are Reese Trailer Hitches Made

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A tow hitch is a piece of equipment this is connected to the towing vehicle and connects it to the trailer. Depending on what you need to tow, there are quite a few exceptional trailer hitches from which to choose. 

Although a few tow hitches are removable, the bulk is permanent. You can discover to look which tow hitch is fine for the transferring state of affairs with the aid of using consulting a trailer hitch configuration service. 

And even when you have the right trailer hitch, there are many distinctive kinds of hitches from which to choose. 

While there are numerous similarities amongst all manufacturers, every one tactic the layout and creation of receiver hitches, and additionally towing systems are barely different.

About Reese Hitches

Reese hitches have usually been at the forefront of hitch quality and layout. Throughout its existence, the business has been globally placing the bar for fine aftermarket towing merchandise. 

Reese hitches are vital if you need to convert your truck, car, or SUV right into a full-fledged towing vehicle. Reese additionally offers a huge choice of accessories for SUVs, trucks, vans, and cars. 

Along with Reese Hitches, they also offer trailer jacks, locking hitch pins, and adaptable Reese Adjustable Ball Mounts which may be adjusted for different ball sizes and heights

No matter what kind of load you are hauling or what type of vehicle you are the use of, Reese can meet your needs.

Reese has been about for more than 60 years, so it is going without announcing that with that kind of enjoyment at its disposal.

Each Reese Hitch is uniquely created on your particular year, make, and additionally model. This ensures an actual fit, advanced performance, and a truthful setup frequently requiring no drilling. 

They have a tough “Metalshield” finish that has undergone rigorous salt spray checking out to fend off rust and corrosion, and their patented collar and additionally plug layout assure your ball mounts extra securely than others. 

Where Reese Hitches Made

All Reese trailer hitches, hitch balls, ball mounts, and hitch accessories are made withinside the USA and uphold the strictest enterprise requirements for durability and protection. 

The 5th wheel hitches, weight distribution products, gooseneck hitches, and trailer accessories made by Reese have been produced withinside the United States with the use of cutting-edge production techniques.

Reese’s choice to move its manufacturing from the United States to Mexico changed into currently mentioned in a rumor. The owner of the Draw-Tite brand and parent employer of Reese is Horizon Global. 

According to rumors, Draw-Tite is a rebranding of Reese trailer hitches, that are produced in Mexico. The Reese call has been kept at the 5th-wheel hitch line, and most of these hitches are still produced in Mexico today. 


In conclusion, an essential piece of gear, the hitch joins the towing item to the chassis of the vehicle. Throughout, it keeps the stability and protection of the whole setup so that you can easily experience alongside highways, hike mountains, and navigate tight turns without traumatic approximately losing your load. 

Reese is among the maximum famous manufacturers of hitches and towing systems, and for a suitable reason. 

The market’s sturdiest, maximum reliable hitches, are constructed for protection and power. The Cequent group of companies additionally owns the Reese brand. Their restrained lifetime warranty-backed trailer hitches are produced in both the U.S and Mexico.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which trailer hitches are manufactured in the USA?

The top producer of hitches and a full line of towing products in the USA is CURT, a brand of the CURT Group.

Are Curt Hitches and Reese the same?

Both the Curt Base Rails and the Reese Universal Base Rails are familiar 5th wheel base rails, even though they range barely from one another. They will aid 5th wheel hitches from Reese, Draw-Tite, Curt Hidden Hitch, Valley, and Husky.

When did the Reese hitch get its start?

Reese has been producing a wide variety of hitch merchandise, consisting of its renowned line of gooseneck hitches, 5th wheel hitches, and hitch ball mounts, ever since it was founded in 1952.

Are reese hitches good

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