What Size Is a Hitch Pin

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A hitch pin is made of steel and has a diameter of 7/16″ to 1-1/4″ and a length of 3-1/2″ to 7″. On one end, it has a hair pin-insert hole, and on the other, it has a flange.  The hitch is fastened to the receiver by the hitch pin. Hitch pins come in various shapes and sizes

                              Trailer Hitch Pin Size 

Different sizes of hitch pins fit in different sizes of a receiver. Standard trailer hitch sizes are 1-1/4″, 2″, 2-1/2″, and 3″. The interior dimensions of the hitch receiver are referred to as the hitch size. In the following, I have described different sizes of hitch pins for different hitch receivers and classes.

What pin size fits 1-1/4″ receiver

A 1/2 inch diameter hitch pin is required for a 1-1/4 inch trailer hitch receiver. 1-1/4″ receiver is standard on Class 1 and 2  trailer hitches.

This ½-inch hitch pin fits most class 1 and class 2 hitches perfectly because its 1/2-inch diameter is compatible with any ball mount or other trailer hitch accessories with a 1-1/4-inch shank and 1/2-inch pin hole.

What pin size fits a 2″ receiver

For a 2-inch trailer hitch receiver, a 5/8 inch diameter hitch pin is required. Class 3 and Class 4 hitches are fitted with 2-inch receivers.

This receiver hitch pin with a 5/8-inch diameter is compatible with any ball mount or other trailer hitch accessories with a 2-inch shank and 5/8-inch pinhole, making it a perfect fit for most classes 3, 4, and 5 trailer hitches.

What pin size fits a 2-1/2″ receiver

The hitch pin size for a 2-½’’ receiver is required ⅝ inch diameter hitch pin. Similar to a 2-inch receiver hitch a 2-12″ receiver hitch also needs a hitch pin with a 5/8 inch diameter.

What pin size fits a 3 ” receiver 

Similar to 2-inch and 2-12 inch receivers, a 3-inch receiver also requires a hitch pin with a 5/8-inch diameter.

                           Tractor Hitch Pin Size

The Tractor Hitch Pin is an Important Part of Maintaining Implement Control. Different size of tractor pin sizes fit different types of categories. They are described as follows.

Category 0

The diameter of the hitch pin for category 0 is ⅝ inch (17mm).

Category 1

Hitch pin sizes for category 1 are ¾ inch (19mm) for the upper linkage and ⅞ inch (22mm) for the lower linkage.

Category 2

Hitch pin size for the top link is 1 inch (25.5mm) and 1-⅛ inch (28.7mm) for the lower linkage in category 2.

Category 3

The top link’s hitch pin size is 1-1/4″ (32mm) and the lower linkage’s hitch pin size is 1-7/16″ inch (38mm) for category 3.

Category 4

The hitch pin size for the top link is 1-3/4″ (45mm), and the lower linkage hitch pin size is 2″ inches (51mm) for category 4.

How to Measure a Hitch Pin?

Measurement of a hitch pin is very simple.  You will need calipers to measure the hitch pin size. Effective Length is measured from the bottom of the hole to the top of the head.

Can I drill the receiver’s hitch pin hole? 

Yes, you can. A client asked the expert. The client has a  2″ hitch receiver that is only slightly shallow by less than 1/8″. He claimed that a 1/2″ hitch pin fits (with a very small amount of wiggle room) but a 5/8 inch diameter pin won’t. His question was Is it safe to use a 1/2″ diameter hitch pin lock with a Class III 2″ lock.

The expert replied that If the hitch pin hole on his receiver is too small for a 5/8″ pin, his only option is to enlarge it with a drill. So, based on the expert’s response, I believe you can drill the receiver’s hitch pin. 

Final Words 

Hitch pin comes in different sizes. To select the hitch pin size, you must first determine the size of your vehicle’s hitch receiver.  The tractor hitch pin also comes in different sizes and lengths. You have to choose a tractor hitch pin according to the category of 3-point hitch.

Trailer hitch pin size

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