How To Install VW Roof Rack

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The VW roof rack is an original Volkswagen product. The brand has earned popularity because of the variety of vehicles it offers, like SUVs, crossovers, minivans, etc. 

Volkswagen accessories, such as the VW roof racks, have also gained appreciation because of their quality. When we say “long trip,” the first thing that comes to mind is big luggage and heavy accessories. 

Whether you want to carry a kayak or a bicycle, having a VW roof rack on your vehicle can save you a lot of trouble. So, how to install VW roof rack? If you want to learn more about VW roof racks, keep reading.

An Overview of VW Roof rack

The VW roof racks are also known as base carrier bars as well. This OEM roof rack packaging usually comes with 2 Cross Bars, keys, and an instruction manual etc. 

The material is usually aluminum alloy and weighs around 12 to 15 lbs. The roof bars are extremely durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions as well. 

Besides, Volkswagen has focused on its functionality more than anything else. The aerodynamic design is another plus point of these roof racks. 

Because of their aerodynamic shape, they increase the efficiency of the engine and don’t affect the fuel economy at all. You can carry bicycles, kayaks, and skis with the help of additional attachments. 

Preparations before Starting the Installation Process

To install the VW roof racks, you don’t need to do any drilling or use heavy equipment. The installation procedure is so easy that anyone can do it with just a few pieces of equipment that we use daily. 

Before starting the installation process, organize all the elements that came with the packaging. Start by separating the end caps from all the crossbars. 

After disintegrating all the elements that came with the packaging, you will have one front base carrier bar, one rear base carrier bar, end caps for each side, two keys, some louvers, rubber gaskets, and a torque wrench. 

Here, the torque wrench is necessary to ensure that you don’t over-tighten the ends when mounting the roof racks on the vehicle. 

The louvers, on the other hand, help to reduce the wind noise from the base carrier bar. The louvers should be installed in the center of the front roof rack. They will deflect wind if you have any wind noise. 

And the rubber gaskets are to be installed on the channels of the roof racks. They usually prevent dirt and debris from getting inside the channels.

bikes on vw roof rack

How to Install VW Roof Rack?

Now that you have prepared all the elements in front of you, let’s get started with the installation process.

  • First, check the bottom side of each roof rack. The bottom of each roof rack should have a depiction of its position. The stickers will make sure that the orientation of each side is correct. 
  • Don’t worry if you forget which one adheres to which side. You will find the directions on the bottom of each cap as well. 
  • Now, remove the plug from the front of the driver’s seat. The front roof rack has a small nub that sticks in that plug. So, pop that plug down with a pocket screwdriver without damaging the car paint. 
  • Take the front roof rack and loosen the screws at each end of the rack. 
  • Carefully set the front roof rack down in its position and tighten the screw. 
  • Now, take the rear roof rack and repeat the same process. 
  • The torque wrench is usually supplied with all the roof racks from Volkswagen, and it does keep you from over-tightening the roof rack on the vehicle. 
  • When you start tightening with the torque wrench, you will hear a click when you have tightened the screw most of the way. The click signifies that the roof rack is as tight as it needs to be. 
  • Repeat this process on all the ends of the roof racks. 
  • Take the caps and secure them in their positions after tightening with the torque wrench. 
  • Lastly, secure the caps with the keys so they are locked in place. 

If you have reached this far, then you have successfully installed the VW roof racks on your vehicle.

Final Words

Not all roof rack brands specialize in every sector and provide you with the best service. But Volkswagen is different from others. 

From the design of the roof racks to the installation process, everything is programmed in such a way that any amateur can install the roof racks just by looking at the manuals. 

And here, we have tried to break down every element you might want to know about. If anyone asks you how to install VW roof rack, you can easily demonstrate the process to him. Or you can send this article link to the questionnaire and let him learn the process. 

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