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Choosing the right Toyota Prius trailer hitch can be a challenge, especially due to the different kinds available in the market now. 

There are many factors that you would have to look for when you’re planning to grab the best Toyota Prius trailer hitch. For instance, you need to go through the safety features, quality, pricing, and other additional features that can give you a smooth and convenient towing experience. 

So, to aid in all this troubleshooting, we have researched different towing trailers for Prius and have shortlisted the ones that can ensure you the best performance. Even though all these trailers feature something different from each other, they qualify as (one of the) best because of the following common attributes:

  • Powder coat
  • Suitable for passenger cars and trailers 
  • Capable of hauling in at least 2000 pounds gross trailer weight and 200 pounds of tongue weight

Therefore, to grab yourself one of the best hitch trailers for your Prius, carefully go through each of our recommended products and choose the one that suits your needs. 

What to Look for in A Toyota Prius Trailer Hitch?

Before buying any trailer hitch, it is crucial to keep a few critical factors in mind, such as the durability and the recommended weight of the trailer. Moreover, you also need to be aware of whether or not the specific model of the Prius is compatible with your hitch trailer.  

Even the towing capacity on each car model varies depending on the hitch trailer. For instance, the maximum towing capacity on the Prius V is around 1600 pounds, and manufacturers recommend not exceeding this limit. 

Keeping the weight distribution in mind, you also need to ensure that the trailer hitch weight is not beyond the Prius weight. Remember, the purpose of weight distribution hitches is to relieve the tension from the car’s bumpers and preserve its integrity during heavy towing. 

According to many automotive experts and manufacturers, it’s ideal for the trailer hitch to carry roughly 60% of the weight at the front of the trailer. If the weight at the back is more, then the security features may get compromised, and you won’t be able to control either the car or the trailer.

Toyota Prius Trailer Hitch Options

In this section, I’ll provide you with all the facts you should know about my recommended products. And have a clear understanding of what makes these trailers one of the most suitable choices for the Prius series. 

Curt 11276 Class 1 Trailer Hitch 

CURT 11276 Class 1 Hitch For Prius

Curt has gained its reputation for making high-quality trailer hitches for mostly all models of cars. 

The Curt 11276 Class 1 Trailer Hitch made for Prius is manufactured from robust welded steel. This trailer ticks the box for being capable of towing 2000 lbs gross trailer weight as well as having a 200 lbs tongue weight. 

It has a 1¼ inch x 1¼ inch receiver hitch. Moreover, the options of add-on cargo, carriers, racks, and bikes make it a highly versatile trailer choice.

Even with regular use, your hitch trailer remains safe and secure from wear and tear. Having a powder coat finish makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. That’s not all; Curt 11276 Class 1 is entirely UV-resistant and prevents overheating.  

Being a double-coated hitch, this tow trailer hitch is deeply submerged in liquid A-coat followed by a co-cured black powder finish to ensure its color durability. 

The simplistic design of this trailer hitch makes the overall installation pretty convenient. All you have to do is simply follow the user manual to have a clear understanding of the process. 


  • Durable solid steel weld
  • Double coating to prevent color fade
  • Easy installation 


  • Pretty lightweight compared to other trailers

Draw Tite 24966 Class 1 Trailer Hitch

Draw Tite 24966 1.25 Inch Receiver Fits 2017 2021 Toyota Prius Prime

Over the years, Draw Tite has become reliably synonymous with trailer hitches for good reasons. After years of making countless trailer hitches for almost every brand and model of car, the Draw Tite 24966 Class 1 Trailer Hitch stood out for Prius users. 

This trailer hitch is made of solid steel for more durability to withstand wear and tear, making it an ideal pick for the Prius series. With absolute security kept in mind, this trailer hitch is also designed to provide control and even weight distribution. This ensures stability to the driver while towing their vehicles. 

The trailer also comes with a sturdy and square-tube design for the 1¼ inch x 1-¼ inch receiver openings to allow easy and quick attachment to your vehicle. 

Draw Tite has put this class 1 trailer hitch through all sorts of tests to ensure its strength and durability. After extensive and intensive fatigue and static tests, this hitch most certainly ensures you the required safety and security for effective towing. 

With a gross trailer weight of 2000 pounds and a tongue weight of 200 pounds, we can rest assured and ensure this trailer is among the best hitches in the market. 

The concealed cross tube, rust, and corrosion-proof coating, and the overall customization on this trailer make it visually appealing while being highly capable and strong of hauling in anything within the limited safety range recommended. 


  • Sturdy and heavy, weighing in at 20 pounds
  • Receiver openings allow quick and smooth attachments for add-ons
  • Provides all the required safety features


  • No double-coating present

Curt 11468 Class 1 Trailer Hitch 

CURT 11468 Hitch

Another Curt’s top trailer hitch for Prius is the 11468 Class 1, which was tried and tested on every level to ensure its durability and strength. 

The 1-¼ inch x 1-¼ inch receiver openings on this hitch make it accessible to inexperienced trailer hitch users. These receivers allow you to add any small cargo, trailer, rack, and bike to your car without overloading the vehicle itself.

This trailer hitch’s precision and robotic welding maximize its strength, capability, and capacity. It also ensures a muscular build and a perfect fit to the Prius to provide a safe and secure drive through harsh weather and rough roads.

Moreover, the double-coated sealant protectant on this hitch allows the user to use the trailer hitch through any weather without worrying about its durability. 

This allows the user to test the limits of this hitch without any fear of chipping or discoloration. 


  • Precision and robotic welding for durability and strength
  • Hefty and heavy to ensure minimum damage 
  • Clean and classy visual appeal 


  • It may require frequent cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Prius trailer hitch tow boats?

Depending on the size and the weight of the boat, you could possibly get away with towing a boat on the trailer hitches. However, it is vital to make sure you don’t go beyond the recommended weight limit, which is 1600 pounds for Priuses. 

The weight limitation is to be maintained for the safety of the driver and the carrier as well. 

Is it possible to install trailer hitches yourself?

As long as you have the right tools and the manual guide for the trailer hitch, you should be able to attach, install and ride away with the trailer hitch yourself. These specific trailer hitches are made easy enough for even beginners while maintaining all the necessary safety guidelines. 

Does a trailer hitch require wiring?

Wiring is necessary for a trailer hitch to connect the brake lights, running lights as well as indicator lights on the car. It is recommended to get the wiring done if you are experienced with it or by a professional. Any wiring or light malfunction can potentially lead to an unfortunate accident. 

Therefore, getting the wirings for the lights done by professionals is ideal. 


At this point, I’m pretty sure you have figured out what you need to look for and be aware of when buying a trailer hitch for your Prius. 

All the trailers mentioned here are simply some of the best Toyota Prius trailer hitches you can grab for optimum towing. However, I highly recommend you go for Curt 11468 Class 1 Trailer Hitch. 

This hitch trailer provides the best durability and can easily withstand wear and tear to ensure you a perfect towing experience. Moreover, the safety features here are amazing, and you won’t have any complaints while using this trailer. 

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