Can You Tow Without A Hitch? Exactly How?

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Towing the bulky trailer with no all mount or weight distribution hitch is possible, but not recommended. Then again, sometimes the situation forces you to do risky stuff.

You might need to haul big things and it can be done without a hitch if using the technique. If you are thinking about how can you tow without a hitch, the answer is pretty basic.

Using the rope or chain in the back of the truck will help you get it done for a short while. But know that it can cause some visual damage to the truck’s back surface.

In case of a desperate emergency, here’s how you can do it correctly!

How to Tow Without A Hitch?

Before we share the method to tow a trailer without a hitch, know that this technique is not for Gooseneck and 5th wheel trailers. Bring all the tools (rope or chain with a towing loop shackle) and start the given steps.

Step 1: Check The Weight Of The Trailer & Its Load

  • Start by, determining the tongue and trailer weight.
  • Read the manual of your trailer which will mention these two things.
  • After you confirm the weight is safe to tow without a hitch, go to the next step.

Step 2: Locate The Center Hole Of the Tow Bar

  • Locate the receiver of the trailer hitch. It should be the back side of the tow bar.
  • If your truck contains a previous hitch point, then you’ll find a hole to insert the chain or rope in the midpoint. On some trucks, the hole is beneath the truck. 

Step 3: Add Towing Loop Shackle In The Center Hole

  • Insert the towing loop shackle on the center hole of the tow bar.
  • Secure it by using the big nut. Be sure the nut is tightly fitted.

Step 4: Insert The Rope Or Chain

  • Attach the rope or chain on the towing loop shackle.
  • Secure the chain with the hook.
  • If you are using rope, then you have to tie it in a specific way. Use the rope inside the towing shackle so that you get two sides of the rope.
  • Then, hold the left side of the rope and make 3 loops. Insert the right side of the rope inside the loop and slowly drag it halfway. You’ll find the rope tightly secure to tow.

Step 5: Test Drive Before Towing The Trailer

  • Maintain the speed and ensure not to go impatiently during the test.
  • Drive normally like you usually do when towing to see if it’s safe to use or not.

Tip: Although you can use rope, it would be more reliable if you secure the weight of the trailer using a strong chain.

Towing with strap

Toyota’s Hitchless Towing System

Toyota is making waves with its innovative “hitchless towing” system. It’s prototype that could revolutionize towing by eliminating the need for conventional hitches. This groundbreaking technology uses advanced sensors and electronics to allow the towing vehicle to directly communicate with the trailer. This enables automatic adjustments for steering, braking, and suspension.

The hitchless towing system involves a following vehicle pairing with the lead vehicle, mirroring its movements as they travel together. Toyota envisions potential applications for this system in powered trailers and urban traffic control, where vehicles could safely follow each other through congested streets.

Though still in its early stages, Toyota’s hitchless towing system shows the automaker’s commitment to exploring innovative solutions for modern transportation challenges. If successfully implemented, this technology could transform the towing experience, setting a new standard for vehicle-trailer connectivity. However, further research, development will be essential to ensure the safety and effectiveness of this pioneering towing solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tow a camper without a weight distribution hitch?

Yes, you can! Towing a camper will not require a weight-distribution hitch. However, if your camper ball hitch is uneven to tow the trailer, then you might need to use the WDH aka weight distribution hitch.

Is a tow hitch necessary?

Yes and no. Although it’s a vital part to tow the trailers safely, you can tow without the hitch. But, it’s harmful at the same time. As small cars have tiny cargo, the hitch helps to haul while not taking up more space. It also allows hauling big and bulky trailers in a better way.

How much does it cost to put a hitch on a car?

It will need around $100 to $800 to install the hitch on a specific car. If you include the tow hitch and other components cost together with the installation charge, it will raise to $350 to $1,000 on average.

Wrap Up

To tow a big trailer for a short period of time while you don’t have the hitch, it’s all right to try the above method.

When trying the above direction, be sure to focus on the car’s speed to avoid damaging the truck’s rear side too much.

However, we must let you know that it is not recommended to tow trailer or something without a hitch. Many states have laws requiring vehicles pulling a trailer or other load to have a hitch. Towing without a hitch could result in fines or other legal issues.

Hopefully, you find this guide informative to understand the directions about how to pull a trailer without a hitch. We’ll catch you on a different topic soon!

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