Know Subaru Crosstrek Roof Rack Weight Limit-Avoid Overload!

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Carrying kayaks, bikes, tents, or gear on the roof for outdoor activities is quite normal nowadays with vehicle makers supporting that idea and need wholeheartedly. 

However, roofs are quite sensitive areas to load items, especially heavy ones. So you must be aware of all sorts of weight limits.

Now, today I am planning to discuss the Subaru crosstrek roof rack weight limit, as this one was quite requested. Perhaps due to its hype from the ground clearance and promising cargo volume for camping or similar activities.

The Roof rack weight limit for Subaru Crosstrek when not in a driving state is around 150 to 175 pounds. While the weight limit in a static state is almost 700 pounds.

However, staying beneath the limits should be the goal. Let’s discuss more on this!

Key Takeaways:

  • Subaru Crosstrek comes with a static roof rack weight limit of 700 pounds and a dynamic roof rack weight capacity of 150-176 pounds.
  • To fully utilize the weight capacity of the roof rack, crossbars can help as support. 
  • The overall weight limit also includes the weight of the rack itself, so lightweight racks are a priority for avoiding overload.  

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Different Types of Subaru Crosstrek Roof Rack Weight Limit

There are two types of limits you need to consider for the Subaru Crosstrek weight capacity of any roof rack. 

One is when the vehicle is moving, and the other is when it is in a static state. Based on this, there are different weight limits you’ll find. And often people confuse one with another, making things super hazardous.

Also keep in mind that with the roof rack weight limit in this case, it’s not about the weight capacity of the roof rack. But actually, this is more connected with the limitation of the vehicle. 

And that’s why even if you have a roof rack that comes with a high-rated weight capacity, the vehicle not supporting that weight will make it unable to carry the load.

Subaru Crosstrek Roof Rack Weight Limit in a Stationary Position

This weight-bearing scenario is strictly meant for the vehicle in a parked position. So, if you are just willing to store a few things on top of the vehicle in the roof rack after or before a ride, considering the static weight limitation is no problem. 

This can also help anyone planning to use the space for a tent during a camping moment. You can use and sleep inside a car tent placed on top of a suitable roof rack.

However, make sure you don’t utilize this weight capacity for the vehicle in a moving position, as that would be dangerous.

The static roof rack weight limit for Subaru Crosstrek is around 700 pounds, and it is also the same for roof rails. The vehicle should be parked on a level surface as the Subaru crosstrek cargo capacity or load limit in a static state needs well balancing and coordination.

Subaru Crosstrek Roof Rack Weight Limit in a Driving Position

Now, this is the reverse situation compared to a static state. The weight limit for a Crosstrek in a driving state is almost 4 to 5 times reduced here. Exactly how much weight a Subaru Crosstrek roof rack can hold in a dynamic way?

A Subaru Crosstrek roof rack can hold almost 150 to 176 pounds of weight when the vehicle is in motion. However, it is always recommended to hold less than this limit except there’s an urgent situation.

If the situation demands something different and you must find out how to increase roof rack capacity in some way, crossbars can help.

This way you may not be able to go beyond the limit but there will be better scope for maximization of the weight capacity. Crossbars can play the role of support beams for hefty items, making it easier for the roof rack to hold the heavy load.

Keep in mind that the rating indicated will include the overall weight of all sorts of loads. This consists of crossbars, cargo, and any other accessories. The total load must be below the given limit if you want to drive safely.

The Consequence of Crossing Subaru Crosstrek Roof Rack Weight Limit

To understand why overloading can be not just harmful to the vehicle but also to your safety, I want you to think from a dynamic perspective.

Primarily, placing any weight up so high is not a good idea. This means roofs are not the best place to store any load at all. Most of the rolling while cornering takes place due to this. And there’s also the chance of upsetting the overall control and ride of any vehicle.

Now it is quite obvious that there are 2 reasons for setting roof load limits:

  1. To make sure there’s only a safe amount of weight to carry on the roof area.
  2. To avoid any sort of handling or stability issues while driving.

But to be more specific, exactly what happens if you overload roof racks?

Once you overload roof racks, you put your loads at a potential risk of falling at any moment during the trip. Moreover, you put yourself at risk as the extra weight will increase the chances of accidents due to less stability and control. 

And not to forget, some vehicles come with warranty clauses against the overloaded roof with a warning of withdrawal. 

Another important piece of information I would like to include is the overall weight limit also includes the mass of the rack itself. So clearly, the stuff you should put on top of your roof rack must weigh less than the overall weight limit minus the roof rack’s mass.

I know, some of you may find this bizarre, but that’s how low the roof limits are. Also, if you consider any roof rack made of heavy materials, such as steel, then the whole point of using the roof rack is almost invalid.

Wrapping Up

And there you have a complete idea of the Subaru Crosstrek roof rack weight limit! I hope you never fall into a situation where you have to consider going beyond this limitation. 

And if such a situation arrives, consider another alternative solution. But strictly avoid driving the Crosstrek with overweighting roof racks. 

Also, pay attention to how you secure the rack itself along with the stored items, as this procedure is often different depending on the type of rack you’re using. 

You may not need to worry a lot about less-weighted items, such as when storing gas on the roof rack. But if it’s a heavier item such as multiple heavy kayaks, then the securing method needs to be solid. 

And lastly, don’t forget to check all the securing points at least thrice just to make sure the rack never comes loose causing problems mid-road. Trust me, it’s an annoying nightmare you want to avoid at all costs!

I’ll see you in my next guide soon!

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