How To Install Roof Rack On Pop Up Camper? 

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Installing a roof rack on a pop-up camper makes so much sense. Pop-up campers are primarily used for adventurous trips. And we all know how stressful it is to fit all the bulky, heavy but necessary stuff into the trailer. Most often, we are forced to leave our essential utensils behind.  

Moreover, carrying the goods isn’t enough; you must secure your significant camping gear correctly. For that, we can think of no other reliable option than a roof rack. Now the question is how to install roof rack on pop up camper?

In Particular, beginners need the appropriate answer to this question the most. So, please stick with us to learn each and every detail regarding the fact. 

Roof Rack Installation On Pop Up Camper

We can’t deny the fact that installing a roof rack is not only a long-winded but also a sensitive task. It requires a lot of proficiency and a bit of experience. But with some tricky steps, you can get your pop-up camper a roof rack without professional assistance. Let’s get started. 

Shape The Strut

Among all the steps the whole process requires, we think this one is the most complicated. With great awareness and vigilance, start trimming the strut using a drill machine.  The size of the brace will depend on the size of your trailer. 

So before trimming the strut, take the measurements of your camper. You can get a ten-foot or twenty-foot strut. Then cut it according to the size of your trailer. Cut in inches for both sides and the middle. 

Before Bolting Up The Strut 

For the next step, mark the points where you need to drill the strut to fit it. Before moving to the next step, open the pop-up and make sure there’s no electrical wire beneath the points you have marked. 

Once you’re done checking everything and ensuring the points are free to be drilled, get the drill and the bolts. The size of bolts will be determined by the length of your trailer and strut, the shop owner of the rack will tell you all about the size of the required tools. 

However, here are what you’re going to need,

  • Bolts
  • Threads
  • Nuts
  • Washers (Metal & Silicone)
  • Wrench

Installation Of The Rack

Now what you need to do is lift the pop-up. The goal is to prevent the sides of your tent from coming in the way when you make holes on the roof with the drilling machine. Now drill holes in the marked place. The places would be the front, then the middle and lastly, the end of the pop-up roof. Do so on both sides. 

Now attach the bolt with the metal washer and adjust that with the hole by getting your hand under the roof. After getting the bolt through the hole of the roof surface, put on the silicone washer. One of the metal washers goes again, then attach the strut and a nut. 

At first, tighten the but using your finger. You can use a wrench, too, if you feel the necessity. It’s better to do so with a twist. Repeat the same process to attach the strut with all the holes. 

Now attach the 10-foot racks with the top attached struts and make sure they’re placed evenly with each other. Use spring nuts to connect them. 

Don’t forget to tighten the bolts with a wrench to set the rack securely. And you’re done with installing a roof rack on your pop-up trailer. 

Why Do People Install Roof Rack On Pop-Up Campers?

The roof rack is the most convenient way to carry goods on tent trips. We agree installing a roof rack is a very tricky job, and most of you out there would like to get professional help. But trust us, once you get this last, it will be beneficial. 

Even you can carry your bikes that weigh under 200 lbs over your trailer when you install a roof rack. When we put stuff up on the roof, there’s always this tension of things falling behind when you’re driving the trailer. But with a stand, your utensils will always be securely fitted with the rack. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions in mind regarding the whole fact? Let us answer some of those briefly. 

Should I Install a Roof Rack On My Camper?

The answer depends on your requirements actually. If you feel like you need some extra space when you travel then the answer is positive. But there are some drawbacks of a roof rack, but they won’t bother you much. 

Why Should You Remove A Roof Rack When Not In Use?

An unknown fact is the rack enhances the resistance to the wind for the trailer. As expected, you will be left with increased fuel usage. So, some extra bucks from your pocket will be wasted in that case.

Moreover, except for carrying or securing extra utensils, the roof rack has no other positive impact on your camper. So it would be best if you kindly use some bet to remove the frame whenever it isn’t needed.

What Do I Need To Install Roof Rack On My Trailer?

Here’s the list of the stuff you’re going to need for getting the roof stand attached to your trailer:

  • Drilling machine
  • Nuts
  • Washers, both metal and silicone
  • Wrench

Is A Roof Rack Worth It?

Yes, of course. Roof racks help us not to compromise due to lack of space whenever we travel. They’re reliable and hold stuff tightly. So giving them a shot wouldn’t hurt anyone. 


Now that we’re at the edge of our discussion, we expect you to have a decent idea about installing roof rack on pop up camper. We’ve tried to make the deal comprehensive with the most straightforward steps. But whenever you plan on accomplishing this process, you must follow basic safety instructions. 

Use eye protection and be careful with the drilling machine. However, try purchasing steel roof racks, which are long-lasting and rigid. If the process still seems complicated, please consider getting help from a professional.  

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