How To Install Roof Rack on Chevy Traverse

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You know that having a roof rack is necessary for all those times when you need to transport items. If you are looking for answers to your questions about how to install roof rack on Chevy Traverse, then you have landed in the right spot.

Assemble the base system according to the manual’s instructions. The crossbars must usually be attached to the mount. After that, attach the clamps to the rail system of the vehicle. The exact roof rack should fit without issue. However, you may put it to the test by taking a short journey.

It’s important to mention here that this guideline is general, and you better not replace it with your particular vehicle’s instruction. Stay with us; until the conclusion, we’ll discuss many topics.

Installation Process of Roof Rack on Chevy Traverse

Let’s get down to the detailed installation process so you can get things done without any complications.

  • To begin, mount the rails on your car’s railing system. Make sure that the rails are oriented correctly.
  • Push the rails into the channel from the front, confirming that the alignment points are aligned. Then give the rear side of the rail a firm push to ensure a precise fit.
  • Use T25 Torx to tighten rail bolts firmly.
  • Place the pegs into the channel via the breaks. These will most likely hold on to the crossbars.
  • Ensure you install block-offs in the channel so the pegs can’t get out.
  • Take the crossbars and install them. Install the long crossbar in front and the shorter one in the back.
  • You’ll see that the front crossbar includes adjustment points and a sliding bar with two Torx bolts beneath.
  • Tighten those nuts and adjust the points as needed.
  • Precisely tighten the bolt of the rear crossbar 
  • Finally, put the caps on the crossbars to complete the installation.

Roof Rack Options for the Chevy Traverse

Chevy traverse roof racks

The Chevy Traverse is a great family vehicle. It has enough room to move around inside and can also be very large outside, making it an excellent vehicle for hauling larger cargo items. However, if you want to carry large items on top of your car, you will need a roof rack. 

The good news is that this vehicle has many types of racks available. Here are some of your options:

Fixed Points

You can utilize roof racks with fixed points if your car has mounting tabs for roof racks. This type of rack is fixed and designed to fit into a specific number of slots on your car’s roof.

Solid Rail

This type is most commonly used in conjunction with flush rails or continuous rails. This option does not require a mounting point on the vehicle’s roof, so it can be installed on vehicles with no gap between the top of the roof and the side of the vehicle.

Raised Rail

The Raised Rail option is great for vehicles with a gap between their roof rack rail and the top of their SUV. This option is designed to fit snugly in that space.

How to Select a Roof Rack for a Chevrolet Traverse

The Chevrolet Traverse is a large family vehicle, so it’s no surprise that you’re looking for a roof rack to help you transport your gear. That’s why it’s essential to consider a few things when choosing a roof rack, and they’re —

Proper Fit

Racks are made to fit specific vehicles, so you’ll want to ensure that the one you choose is designed for your Chevy Traverse. 

Roof racks can be explicitly designed for specific makes and models of vehicles. If you’re unsure about what type of rack will work best with your Chevy Traverse, consult with the manufacturer or a trusted mechanic to ensure that you select the right one.

Available Accessories

With a rack on top of your car’s roof and the right accessories, it’s easy to carry extra luggage or even bicycles with you. So, search for a framework that accommodates mounting for water, fuels, tent storage, canoes, axes, bicycles, skis, kayaks and surfboards.

This is important because it allows you to carry everything you need without worrying about finding it all in your trunk or backseat after driving through the woods or mountains. You’ll have everything within reach when it comes time to set up camp or go fishing.


The weight of your roof rack is an important consideration when selecting a roof rack for your Chevy Traverse. If you’re planning on carrying heavy items like kayaks or bicycles, look for racks with all-metal components instead of plastic ones. Because plastic racks are weak and tend to deteriorate after just a few months of exposure to harsh weather conditions.

Also, ensure that the weight limit is high enough for your needs so that you don’t overload or damage your vehicle or cargo.

Benefits of A Roof Rack

Roof racks are the perfect way to expand your carrying capacity and easily transport your gear. Here are some of their many benefits:

  • They allow you to carry extra cargo on top of your vehicle rather than inside it. This means that your vehicle will be safer from thieves and vandals and from any damage that could be caused by loading heavy items inside the car.
  • It helps keep your interior clean by keeping all your gear out of the car. It means that you won’t have to worry about getting mud or dirt all over the inside of your car when you’re transporting tools, sports equipment, or groceries home from the store.
  • The rack is secure and sturdy enough to hold up even large items like bicycles or kayaks without any problems!
  • They’ll not affect your car’s fuel efficiency like trailer hitches because they sit on top of the vehicle instead of underneath it.


So, now you know the installation process of roof racks on Chevy traverse. It’s not rocket science, but there are a few key points that you need to keep in mind to successfully get your rack installed onto the car without any issues. 

Ensure that everything fits well so you don’t have any problems driving around with your extra load on the roof. Overall, it’s not really that complicated of a process.

We hope this article solved your problem or gave you helpful information.

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