How to Transport Paddle Board Without Roof Rack? 

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Transporting a paddle board without any car roof rack might seem impossible for many people. However, with the proper guidance and method, you can easily get your paddle board placed on the car roof without any professional assistance. 

Using the strap-and-foam method, you can put your paddle board on the car roof effortlessly. All you need is durable EVA foam, a bunch of high-tensile straps, and the proper position and strapping knowledge. Following these few simple steps would allow you to get your paddle board transported in no time.  

So, want to know more about how to transport paddle board without roof rack? Check it out now!

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How To Transport Paddle Board Without Roof Racks?: The Foam-Strap Method

Transporting your paddle boards without roof racks may seem impossible for many people. So, this step-by-step method will benefit you to aid you with all these issues. 

Choose Rigid Foams 

While several different types of foams available could bear a certain amount of weight on top of your car, they are not usually good if you go for a long drive. EVA foams are considered the best for their optimum durability. Moreover, it can handle significant weight for long periods without shrinkage or deformation. These foams also ensure not to leave any marks, prints, scratches, or dents on your car due to the paddle boards. 

Properly Place the Foam on the Car Roof

The placement of the foams on the car is an essential factor. You can easily transport your paddle board on your car roof if placed correctly. However, if you are not careful with the placements, it can leave scratches on the car’s roof. So, ensure that you place your foam near the windshield glass with at least an inch gap. 

Get High Tensile Straps 

Using high-tensile straps to secure your paddle boards can be one of the best ways to keep your paddle board in place. 

These straps have reinforced lockable buckles made of metals that are impressively durable and resistant to rips. Moreover, the stainless steel cables are braided very tight, so there is no chance of coming undone at any point. 

Positioning the Strap

When you have everything ready, you can begin the strapping process, and the paddle board is in position. Use one of the straps to secure the frontal part of the board. 

Then open one of the front doors, pass one end of the strap through the hole in the seat belt and pass it onto the other side. Enter the vehicle through the other door and proceed to the other side. Once both the straps are in place, buckle them up nice and tight.  

Bottom Line

While it’s true enough that having roof racks will maximize the transporting security of your paddle boards, it shouldn’t be that much of an issue if you don’t have access to car racks. 

Even using the foam-and-strap method, you can easily secure your paddle boards during your journey. Therefore, after this 5-minute read, you should know the process of transporting paddle boards without roof racks and how simple the overall process is!

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