How to Put Snowboard on Roof Rack

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The weirdest-shaped thing that you can mount on your roof rack is a snowboard. This thin board not only gives you the best adrenaline rush while hitting the slopes, but may also slide down from the roof rack if you haven’t fixed it properly. 

It takes more effort to load a snowboard onto the roof rack than to mount large bags. Because of its shape and size, you won’t be able to secure the snowboard properly, and it will eventually fall off and get damaged. 

To prevent it from falling off during your drive, we’ll show you how to put snowboard on roof rack in this post. So, let’s move on to the solution now.

Roof racks carrying skis and snowboards

How to Strap Snowboard to Roof Rack?

Strapping a snowboard without a carrier or snowboard rack is unsafe, and we don’t recommend doing that. Keeping the snowboard inside the car is the safest and trouble-free option. 

But if your car falls short of space, there will be no option left for you to strap it on the roof rack. You can also strap your snowboard using two different systems.

  • Cargo Box
  • Snowboard carrier

Cargo Box

Snowboard roof

Using a cargo box to carry your snowboard is the wisest option for you, as the cargo box keeps the snowboard intact and doesn’t expose it to the atmosphere. 

This way, the board remains safe, and you don’t need to stop the car and check its condition every now and then. Now, we are going to walk you through the steps of attaching a cargo box to the roof rack.

  • Choose a cargo box that is compatible with your car and roof rack.
  • Open the box, and you will see some necessary accessories and manuals that came along with the box.
  • Now, lift it to the top of your vehicle.
  • Once you have got it on the top of the vehicle, place it in the center.

(Note: while placing the box, make sure your lift gate can go all the way up and doesn’t cause any interference.)

  • Open the hood of the box and take the inner support and the nuts inside.
  • Take the outer support and the U-bolt on the bottom side.
  • Now, attach them as per the instructions written in the manual.
  • Do these steps for all four sides to secure the cargo box on the roof rack.
  • After attaching everything, go one more time and check if the positioning of the cargo is all right.
  • Then go around and snag everything up.
  • Now lock the hood after placing your snowboards on the box, and you are good to go for the run.

The cargo box is exorbitant, and some might not want to spend this much to carry snowboards on the roof. And this enormous box sometimes looks odd on your fancy car. Although one person can pull off this job, an amateur might need another hand to help him out.

Snowboard Carrier

snowboard carrier

Those who don’t want to spend much and need something sleek can install a snowboard carrier on the roof rack. Now, follow the steps, and you will be able to transport your snowboard safely and securely. 

  • Secure your roof rack and double-check if it is holding its place in the right way.
  • First, unlock the clamp cover at the end of every bar and remove them. 
  • If your roof rack has a rubber t-slot cover, remove them as well. And in the opposite case, go to the next step straight away. 
  • Now, slide the snowboard carrier into the t-slot of the roof rack. 
  • Open them and use the supplied Allen key to fasten them to the roof rack. 
  • After that, place your snowboard in that open carrier and make sure there is enough room to open your trunk. 
  • Now, close the carriers and secure them to hold on to their place by locking them.

How to Attach Skis to Roof Rack?

Attaching skies is quite similar to putting on a snowboard on the roof rack. You can keep your skis in the cargo box or in the snowboard carrier. And the criteria and procedure are identical to those for attaching skis to the roof rack. So, to attach skis to the roof rack, follow the methods we have shared before.

What Attributes Should a Snowboard Roof Rack Have?

No one wants to buy a product and regret after purchasing it. That’s why here are a few tips that you may consider before buying a snowboard carrier. Let’s check them out.


By “compatibility,” we mean both car and roof rack compatibility. If your car lacks the facility of a roof rack, then how can you attach a carrier to it? Besides, even if you have a roof rack already, make sure it is well-suited to the cargo or carrier. This will save you money and energy as well.

Budget Friendly

Not everyone can be comfortable with a pricy product. That’s why, before purchasing, check if you are comfortable with the price. Mark your requirements and do enough research to buy the best product within your budget.

Fuel Efficiency

It is very unlikely that you know about the aerodynamic design of a roof rack. The gear you are transporting on the roof can affect the fuel economy of your car, especially when you are traveling a long way.

Final Words

After knowing how to put snowboard on roof rack, don’t hesitate to travel far to make a run on the icy slope. Fastening the snowboard for the first time is crucial, and making mistakes on your first try is also natural. That’s why you should always check twice before leaving.

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