How To Lock Hitch Bike Rack

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Lock Hitch Bike Rack

When you need to bring your bike on trips, a hitch bike rack is a necessity. The most aero way to transport bikes is on hitch-mounted racks. By removing bikes from the vehicle, hitch-mounted bike racks provide the greatest level of protection for the vehicle. 

They can be used on the majority of vehicles that have a hitch and make loading bikes extremely simple. But you may be concerned if you even have to leave the car for a short while with the bikes mounted.

However, you must ensure it is safe when not used. Several quick and easy methods exist for ensuring that your bicycle is locked safely.  

How Do Hitch Bike Racks Work?

Many cyclists prefer hitch-mounted racks because they are strong and durable and low to the surface, making it easier to carry the bikes. Installing a hitch rack involves sliding this into the trailer hitch receiver. 

The installation of a hitch receiver on a vehicle without one is typically possible, but there are additional costs and steps to take into account.

There are several different types of bike racks, each with a unique installation method and method for locking a bike. 

The likelihood of minor accidents, theft, and injury to the vehicles increases if you choose the incorrect bike rack. You can transport your bikes over long distances safely if you have the right bike rack.

Types Of Hitch Bike Racks And How They Are Locked

Truck-Mounted Bike Racks

truck mount bike rack

These racks are the most cost-effective option, attaching to the hatchback or rear of the vehicle with straps. Bicycle racks for trucks are available in all sizes. 

The strap’s rounded puck could be inserted thru the back door when using this to secure bikes on roof racks to prevent theft. The process of acquiring two to 3 bikes on a trunk rack is an additional benefit, although that would then rely solely on the bikes’ design.

Hitch-Mounted Bike Racks

Hitch mount bike rack

Because they are simple to install and make it easier to store and remove the bike, tow hitch racks are very common. These racks are difficult to install and require drilling holes in the cars to be installed.

You can also attach the bike to an external hitching device with a repeating cord in terms of that. Use a padlock as your final line of defense. 

The Master Lock Python cable lock is an extendable, vinyl-coated cable lock that includes keys and Velcro straps for added stability.

Roof-mounted Bike Rack

Roof mount bike rack

These racks are secured to the top of your car. When it comes to more storage capacity and rear access, roof-mounted racks seem to be fantastic. The bicycles could indeed safely and quickly be locked to these, similar to truck-mounted racks.

Spare tire

Spare tire mount

This rack is attached to the spare tire that is located on the back door of your vehicle. It’s a risk-free way to deliver the bike to a specific place without endangering it or the vehicle by causing scratches. 

It is easy to install and remove a bike using this technique of locking it to a vehicle bike rack. You can access your vehicle’s back door using the rack, which is simple to put together.

A well-designed U-locking system is another way to secure your bike to a car bike rack. Even security chains are compatible with the U lock. U-locks are a brilliant locking process for all three kinds of bike racks because they provide a more effective platform without the need for extra tools or cables. Since the hitch pin serves as a second lock, the protection for a bike rack mounted on a hitch naturally increases. You can also secure another U-lock to any piece of furniture or other objects that interacts with the bicycle frame.

Why Is It Important To Lock Your Bike?

After purchasing a bike rack and then using it for a while, many bicyclists come to realize bikes may not be quite as safe when hooked on a vehicle like that. 

There is not a strong lock that would deter theft.  This is particularly crucial if you intend to put your bike in the vehicle and it is unattended for a while.

A bike rack that carries your riding equipment is stressful, besides that.

Without a reliable lock, our thoughts are constantly drawn to the security of the bike. Lots of bike security keeps you worry-free and improves your ability to focus on the road.

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