How to Install a Trailer Hitch on Subaru Crosstrek

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Installing a trailer hitch on your Subaru Crosstrek is no big deal. Perhaps, you can complete the installation process within 30-40 minutes alone.

Once it’s confirmed that you have ordered the precise model that fits your car from the manufacturer’s website, wait for the packaging to arrive.

Open the package and read the installation manual carefully. A good manufacturer doesn’t make things complicated.

If you think you can do it (you will surely do it), get the tools, fold up your sleeve, and get into the business – it’s time to play with the dirt.

A trailer hitch is a heavy item in general. So, ask for a few minutes from your nearby friend to lift up the hitch in place when you bolt it up.

Usually, the hitch receiver comes with 4 to 6 bolts to be screwed with the vehicle’s chassis. Next, you will get a few wires to hold the hitch. And lastly, the same sum of the washer confirms a firm bonding.

You should have given your car a wash beforehand.

You did? Well-done. (just kidding)

Back to installation.

Put the hitch in place. Make sure it has matched perfectly with the body of the vehicle. Put the washer in between and place the nuts. Now, wire it up, so the hitch doesn’t move while tightening the bolts.

Placing the hitch

Well, couldn’t place it appropriately? Don’t worry. You might need to temporarily remove the exhaust or bumper to reach the area.

If it fits now, tight the bolts. You are done!

However, the installation might not be as easy as it seems. Your trailer hitch is to be installed underneath the vehicle. So, it’s really hard to reach that area. And you might lose all your hopes and enthusiasm once you face the true challenge of placing the bolts in place.

So, don’t lose hope and patience if you want to do it yourself.

You have another option, too – call a professional.

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Subaru Crosstrek Trailer Hitch Installation: Costly or Worth the Money?

Expensive brands will tell you: Your Subaru Crosstrek itself is costly. So, how can you expect a spare part solely meant for the model to come cheap?

Take it from me, trailer hitches aren’t THAT costly on their own. Research hard, and you will get most of the top-rated trailer hitches for SUVs under $150. The installation cost is also manageable, if not expensive.

An ideal hitch generally comes with the necessary installation materials with the package. The process is easy as well. Suppose you have little (or even no) knowledge of hitch installation. In that case, you could assemble it without any fuss.

However, if you have the option, I’ll tell you to seek help from a professional for a pitch-perfect fit. Nonetheless, a trailer hitch is a heavy item. You may need a couple of hand pairs to make it easier!

Subaru crosstrek hitch installation

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