How to Install Roof Rack on Mazda CX5 

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Mazda CX5 is a versatile car suitable for both family and personal needs. The car also comes with five doors and a wide seating area to store your luggage. However, a common question that bugs many car owners is, “how to install roof rack on Mazda CX5?”

Well, the overall process is super easy since Mazda CX5 already comes with the accommodation for roof racks. Moreover, you won’t need experts’ assistance to install your roof rack after going through this blog alone. With some basic ideas and a few minutes of work will get your roof rack installed in no time. 

So, want to know how you can do this? Let’s binge on it. 

Roof rack on 2016 mazda

Mazda CX5 Roof Rack Installation: Step-By-Step

The Mazda CX5 is a very spacious car that is well built and capable of carrying more than just a few luggage or items on the roof (obviously when you get a roof rack installed). So, here in this, our automotive experts will let you know the overall process you can follow to install your rock rack in no time. 

Remove the Molding from the Roof 

The CX5 comes with black silicon molding on the roof that requires to be taken off using a special tool. Although the removal is straightforward and doesn’t require any tools, some roof rack brands still suggest using a tool of some sort to pry off the molding if it is deeply stuck (make sure you don’t put too much pressure to remove it). So, removing the molding will allow the rail racks to replace without much effort. 

Experts’ Tip: It is recommended to wipe down the area underneath the molding before proceeding further. This prevents any dirt or debris (that might have slipped in) from damaging the metal.

Adding in the Isolators 

The roof rack kit will come with six pieces of isolators that ensure the rails don’t rattle or shift positions once installed. However, these are not intended to waterproof the rails since the roof is already pre-sealed to prevent water from entering and rusting at the bottom. So, once you have the insulators, make sure that you install them properly to prevent your CX5 roof rack from displacing.

Place the Clips 

On top of the isolators, a clip is a must to place that’ll hold the rail in place. The clips will settle right down on the felt with ease when positioned correctly, so stay extra cautious while placing them. Next, bolt the rail with the torque screws, and if it sits without any displacement or disposition, your clip is perfectly rested on the felt piece. 

Add the Rails 

When the felt piece and the clip are finally in position and resting on top, add the rail and place it without causing the clips to move. The rail’s front portion must be fitted by sliding it in at the front of the car first to provide the desired balance. After positioning the rail, ensure it is aligned with each of the six clip isolators. Then hold the screw down with the flathead screwdriver and place it down the hole. It might be tricky to position the screw as it is not magnetized yet doable with steady hands. So, try not to move your hands too much when putting the rails.

Place the Cross Rails 

When two cross rails and four legs slide right into the cross rail, initially, the legs are meant to fit the cross rails rather loose and flimsy. On the inside of the rails, there are two screws on either rail where the cross rail would be screwed in

Once it has been screwed and positioned right, you would notice that it should seemingly tighten up without rattling. It is recommended to screw in one side before positioning it on top, as that would allow you to adjust the other screw as needed. 

Experts’ Tips: It is worth mentioning that the cross rails are both of different sizes. The front rail is much narrower and smaller than the back rail. This is because the car widens quite a bit long at the back. 

Let’s watch an installation video:

Things to Consider While Choosing a Roof Rack for Mazda CX5

Buying a roof rack for your Mazda is always tricky, as there are several factors that you need to look for before you can binge on one. So, here we’ve shortlisted the things that you must put focus on to get the best deal: 


Since roof racks are intended to carry luggage, it is only obvious that they must be made of good material. Roof racks are constantly exposed to the exterior environment and weather, so they must also be all-weather resistant. This is why aluminum roof racks are ideal choices, as these are not easily affected by heavy weight and are also resistant to dust and water. 


A roof rack must be very durable and shouldn’t dent or break due to weight or something like that. In most cases, aluminum racks can be a better option as they have the ability to take on stress without showing any wear and tear easily. That’s not all; these racks tend to serve you for quite a few years without needing maintenance. However, we always recommend cleaning and maintaining the rail once a week to ensure it serves you for years without any significant damage.

Weight Withstanding Capacity and Ability 

The amount of weight that a roof rack can bear is what matters the most. Every roof rack comes with a certain amount of weight limitation. Going beyond the limit will certainly cause damage to both the vehicle and the roof rack as well. So, it’s always suggested that you get those racks that can withstand some considerable amount of weight. But make sure that you never exceed the withstanding capacity since it can damage the rack and leave scratches and dents on your Mazda roof. 

Bottom Line

Roof racks are hard to choose that serve your needs and purposes thoroughly. However, once you have chosen the roof rack, it is easy to install without professional help. 

This article was intended to act as a guide on installing a roof rack on Mazda CX5 with detailed information. Therefore, read through it without skipping to understand how to proceed. 

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