How To Install Hitch On Subaru Forester

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There is a solid purpose why so many people adore the Subaru Forester. It is widely recognized for having an excessive resale value, is spacious, and is derived simply with all-wheel drive. 

It’s tough to argue in opposition to the Subaru Forester as a top preference in its marketplace while contemplating its brilliant safety ranking. If your Subaru does not already have a trailer hitch, you will want one to tow a trailer. 

Additionally, it allows communication between the vehicle you’re towing and the one you’re driving.

A Subaru Trailer Hitch: Why You Need One?

If they have a factory-installed or after-market trailer hitch, many Subaru vehicles can tow different styles of trailers. Vehicles made through Subaru are famed for being safe, dependable, and successful both on and off-road. 

That recognition is hard-earned for the Subaru Forester. Towing necessary items, do make the maximum of the shipment space on your vehicle. With the hitch, you may tow a variety of different trailer types. 

When outfitted with a hitch, each is one of Subaru’s hybrids and SUVs that can tow, and a lot of them have pretty sufficient towing functionality to move small items.

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Subaru Forester Hitch Installation Steps

For the setup of the Subaru trailer hitch, an expert go-to is advised.

But in case you want to do it on your own, here is how.

Safety should always come first, so ensure you have the essential protective equipment available while putting in a hitch, together with protection glasses, gloves, etc.

To start, you’ll require to get rid of the exhaust from the automobile to get it ready for the hitch. Additionally, while extracting the exhaust hangers, preserve the exhaust with straps to prevent it from falling.

The next step is to get rid of the heat shields and underbody panels.

Removing the rubber plugs from the attachment factors is the following step. The provided hardware may not fit without enlarging the central hole. 

To make the attachment point larger, use the step bit and power drill. Now repeat the process on the opposite side of the automobile.

The hardware is installable at this point because they get admission to holes that were drilled. Use a fish wire to feed the carriage capscrews into position.

The hitch can now be raised into function after the hardware has been established. To save the bolts from being compelled again into the frame, ensure the fish wire is fed thru the hitch’s points of attachment.

Removing the wire and changing it with the provided flange nuts is necessary after the hitch is set up. When everything is finished, make use of the 20 mm socket with the 5-inch extension to stiffen and torque all of the hardware following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Don’t forget to replace the taken-down underbody panel and exhaust as soon as the hitch setup is finished. And with that, your setup method is done.

The Summary

Subaru is a company that produces vehicles that can be perfect for everyone.

However, without the need for a trailer hitch, the vehicle will not be sufficient.

The Subaru can most effectively tow a trailer and a few different heavy objects with the aid of a hitch. 

It may be pricey to put in a hitch now on a Subaru Forester, however, it is much less pricey than putting in one on any other vehicle.

The best move, in case you’re on a restrained budget, is to install the trailer hitch yourself. Although labor may not be included, you’ll be accountable for the price of the components and shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Subaru be equipped with a hitch?

If your vehicle did not include a trailer hitch, you may add one with this Subaru complete trailer hitch kit. Everything required for putting in the trailer hitch is included inside the kit.

Can a Subaru Forester tow a camper?

When towing lighter loads, the Subaru Forester excels. The Forester can tow a huge variety of lighter-weight boats, some trailers, and small campers.

Is a tow hitch included with the Forester Wilderness?

This version of Subaru does not include a tow hitch.

How much does a Subaru Forester hitch installation cost?

For a Subaru Forester, a hitch will price between $150 and $170. However, set-up costs are generally below $100. Depending on the sort of hitch being installed and the vehicle being used, setup can take everywhere from one to two hours.

Subaru forester hitch install

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