How To Install Hitch On Car

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Installation of a trailer hitch on something like a car is not complicated if you have some familiarity with mechanical fixing or maintenance. 

Although some cars and hitch types might make things harder, most simple installations simply require basic equipment, so you won’t have to acquire a new kit, particularly for this job. If you have never had any experience or don’t have enough time to do so, hiring an expert will be better.

Installing a Trailer Hitch on Car – Easy Steps

Installing trailer hitch on car

Getting Ready

When it comes to selecting the correct trailer hitch, one must first estimate how much weight your vehicle can tow. The towing capacity of your car can be assessed using the manual that came with the vehicle. Do not exceed your towing capacity.

You need to put together the equipment you’ll need for the tow hitch assembly before your start. These could vary based on the hitch, but a hitch setup usually demands a few simple tools.

You’ll now have to secure the front wheels of your car using wheel chocks. Based on your hitch and work area, you might also have to lift your vehicle to have additional space to work on.

It is also possible that the spare tire will get in your way, according to where it is stored. After that, take any plugs or screws from your automobile and disinfect the ports in your car where your hitch will connect with a wire tube brush and lubrication.

Then, ensure proper lighting if you’re putting the tow hitch in a darkened room, such as your garage. Additional lighting should be plugged in, or someone might have to help you with a flashlight.

Some screws and rubber plugs in particular trailer hitch systems must simply be removed to make way for the hitch framework. 

Some need the removal or cutting of a small panel or a thermal barrier. Others may necessitate digging through the structure. In some hitch installations, the vehicle’s equipment may be used to screw the hitch into place. 

So, regardless of the circumstances for your specific hitch, all necessary gear for correct placement will be given.

Installing A Hitch On A Car

You will have to put the hitch in place after your car and equipment are indeed ready. Because trailer hitches might weigh 30 to 40 pounds or more, you may require help at this stage. 

Usually, one would simply require adjusting the nuts and screws needed to keep the hitch in place. Torque will begin after all trailer hitch screws have been connected and tightened.

Torque all or most of your trailer hitch screws to the settings recommended in the setup after they’re all in position. The number of torque needed varies depending on the bolt size. 

Some hitches only need approximately 100-foot lb of torque but could use up to 150-foot lb. To properly torque the hitch in position, ensure that you use the right equipment.

Finally, double-check that your car is safe and everything is in working order.

Let’s watch a video on how to install trailer hitch on car:

Final Words

If you feel like putting a hitch on your car is too hard, do not be hesitant to hire help, but it’s not that complicated if you read the steps properly and utilize all of the necessary tools.

Ensure the hitch you purchase is suitable and does not surpass the towing capacity of your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to tow a trailer without a hitch?

Regarding safety, using a vehicle with an appropriate hitch is suggested; however, a bumper-pull-type trailer can sometimes be pulled a couple of miles without a hitch. Before starting, the legality of towing the trailer on public roadways must be investigated.

Is it possible for small cars to tow trailers?

Smaller vehicles are frequently capable of towing. The owner’s manual for the car will tell you how much weight it can tow. Although your automobile may not be capable of towing a complete trailer, it is certainly capable of towing a small cargo trailer.

Why isn’t my car provided with a trailer hitch?

Ideally, a trailer hitch will be pre-installed on your car. On the other hand, manufacturers are increasingly leaving them off to save a few bucks. It is a common misconception that automobiles lacking or before trailer hitches can indeed be modified with one.

How much can a trailer hitch installation cost? 

The cost of installing a trailer hitch varies considerably based on the installer you pick and the type of towing vehicle you want to use. For such a standard hitch setup, anticipate paying between $100 and $150.

How to install hitch on car

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