Master the Gooseneck Hitch: A DIY Installation Guide

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You’ll need the right gear if you’re transporting a large RV or a herd of draft horses. This includes not just a capable pickup truck and a sturdy trailer but also a tough hitch. 

A gooseneck trailer can be your next purchase if you need a trailer to move your track loader to the next job or transport your horse team to a show safely. Both the trailer and the hitch are referred to as “goosenecks.” The name “gooseneck trailer” comes from the trailer tongue’s arching neck, which is formed like a goose’s neck. 

Gooseneck Hitch


In appearance, a gooseneck hitch resembles a standard hitch, with a ball in the truck bed and a circular receiver on the trailer tongue. 

A gooseneck ball is more significant than a typical ball hitch and is designed to fit into a slot inside the truck bed. After backing the car beneath the trailer tongue, the trailer tongue is dropped over the ball and attached. Safety chains and trailer wiring must be installed. A gooseneck hitch is commonly used to transport animal trailers, heavy machinery, and farming implements.

How To Install Gooseneck Hitch

Your gooseneck hitch can be installed by a professional, or you can do it yourself. If you want to set up your gooseneck hitch yourself, you’ll need a few tools during the process. These are:

  1. A wrench
  2. A drill
  3. A saw
  4. A measurement tape
  5. A ruler etc.

This job demands extensive measurement to ensure everything’s in its proper position.

Unlike ordinary ball hitches, Gooseneck hitches are positioned inside a truck’s bed, at the front of the back axle, and with a ball projecting from the bed. The placement of even a gooseneck hitch demands the drilling of at least one hole in your vehicle bed. Despite this, many drivers believe the modifications are worth the effort in order to pull higher weights. 

Make a hole in the middle of the bed of the pickup vehicle. Then screw the installation into the framework. This will allow the hitch ball to connect to the towing vehicle’s underlying structure.

Inspect and see if any sections of the vehicle, fuel lines, or other vital systems need to be changed to get them in position.

Bolt the hitch system to your vehicle frame for enhanced towing security in many places. Even if the hitch fails, utilize safety chains and electrical connections to keep your trailer connected to your towing car.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Gooseneck Hitch

Installing a gooseneck trailer hitch on your truck is probably the best way to prepare it for heavy-duty towing. Still, a high-capacity kit like this will cost you – expect to pay between $800 and $2800 on average for a new gooseneck trailer hitch.

The cost is decided by the size, towing capacity, and features of the gooseneck trailer hitch that you wish to install. The cost of labor to install a gooseneck hitch will also significantly increase the overall cost.

When it comes to laying flat gooseneck trailer hitches, excellent systems may cost well over $400. Once you’ve purchased your gooseneck hitch assembly kit, you’ll need to evaluate the labor expense of getting it up by a professional. 

Given that the average hourly pay for a ship might vary from $80 to $150 per hour, you may wind up spending a significant amount on labor.

To know more details about installation costs, check this guide.


A gooseneck hitch delivers that stability by shifting the weight forward and keeping your truck grounded.

It’s critical to understand how to install the gooseneck hitch properly, so you don’t have any issues afterward.

It’s not very easy to install a gooseneck hitch on your own, but it’s not impossible. This hitch is also suitable for various types of heavy-duty vehicles with shorter beds that require more supplies.

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