How To Drill Out A Trailer Hitch Lock

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Nowadays, trailer hitches are quite famous and in excessive demand. It is there to help you deal with objects which can be too large or heavy to load on a truck by yourself. 

A trailer hitch makes it less complicated with the intention to deliver shipment as it establishes a strong lock between the vehicle and anything it is towing. A trailer hitch lock is likewise required to hold it safe due to the fact they’re made to deter thieves from taking your trailer.

However, if at any point the trailer lock malfunctions or by accident locks itself, you will be stranded outside the trailer with no form to get inside. What should one do next?

What Is A Trailer Hitch Lock

Trailer hitch lock

When you purchase a journey trailer, you must purchase several accessories. You need hitch locks, that’s what. The trailer hitch lock can hold your trailer secure among the pleasant varieties of security. 

When your trailer isn’t in use, you could quickly, easily, and very securely make certain of its protection by the use of a hitch lock. According to reports, hitch locks are dependable and robust sufficient to deter would-be thieves from stealing both your trailer and your vehicle. 

The lock’s number one cause is to prevent absolutely everyone who does not have the lock’s key from removing the receiver from the hitch and unhitching your trailer. If you use locks, you can feel secure knowing the trailer is thoroughly mounted to the vehicle towing it. 

By maintaining your trailer connected to your vehicle while it is moving, you include a further layer of protection. There are many distinct configurations and dimensions of hitch locks, and the more intricately constructed they are, the more dependable and difficult they will be to crack. 

Due to this, a variety of hitch locks, including coupler, pin, receiver, and latch pin locks, are to be had at the market.

How to Remove a Trailer Hitch Lock by Drilling

In a few circumstances, mainly in case your vehicle lacks an incorporated hitch structure, you can simply need to consider drilling out your trailer hitch lock. First and foremost, you must take extreme caution. 

Since the steps of drilling the hitch lockout are straightforward, you could complete it on your own, and here is how.

Step 1: Get Your Equipment Ready

Make certain you’re wearing gloves and protection glasses before you start because safety comes first. Once you have a power drill, you have to connect it to a power source. 

You have to make wise decisions to enhance your driving experience, so getting a good lock is strongly recommended.

Step 2: Drilling and Positioning

You have to now determine where to drill the lock to remove it. To gain access to the spring-loaded anti-theft lug nuts, which keep the shackle closed, it is recommended to drill straight through the lock’s face. 

Once the hole has been made, releasing the core from the lock is as easy as pressing and holding on to the locking lug.

Step 3: Examine the results

Test the hitch lock’s overall performance after drilling it out to see how it works with a hitch. Clean up the mess last, then make certain everything is in working order. After that, you’re done.

The Summary

Although they have to be locked and protected, trailer hitch locks can work wonders. You could certainly easily protect your truck if it is outfitted with the perfect trailer hitch lock. 

The importance of a good hitch lock can’t be overstated. In actuality, you ought to buy those as soon as you’ve bought your travel trailer. The setup technique is probably tough at first, however, after you get the hang of it, it is worth it. 

Anyone knowledgeable about vehicle safety will therefore find the hitch locks to be a great investment. Installing them will provide you with maximum protection.


Can holes be drilled in a trailer hitch?

Never drill the 2nd hole in a trailer hitch or hitch accessory’s shank. A 2nd hole could then make the steel extra brittle. The towed vehicle could separate if the shank breaks whilst being towed.

How secure are hitch pin locks?

Whether you are pulling your camper or towing a trailer, hitch pin locks provide extra protection and theft protection. However, if sufficient pressure is applied, the hitch pin may break.

Can you drill through the tongue of a trailer?

It will become much less reliable to travel with if more holes are drilled in the tongue due to the fact they could create weak points. It is strongly recommended against including any extra holes on your trailer tongue simply to be safe.

What are the reasons for drilling out trailer hitch locks?

Drilling out a trailer hitch lock may become necessary due to various reasons such as lost keys, damaged locks, broken keys, attempted theft, emergency situations, or forgotten combinations. This process offers an effective solution to remove the lock and regain access to the hitch.

drill out trailer hitch lock

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