Should I Grease My Hitch Receiver

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Trailers have become more and more common on the roads, and everyone is sometimes towed by a trailer hitch. Towing is the most typical application for trailer hitches, they will even be used for bike racks, steps, and loading management. 

Each trailer contains a trailer hitch ball, which may be a fascinating feature. it’s tons of potential, however many of us aren’t alert of the way to use it properly or how to keep it up to date.

The majority would let it rust so ne’er use it again. It can, however, be an awfully valuable part of the RV if you pay the trouble to take care of it.

What’s A Receiver Hitch?

A ball mount may be a hitch accent that consists of a shank and a trailer ball platform.  A receiver hitch is a kind of trailer hitch that attaches to the rear of a vehicle and contains a tube for connecting a ball mount or different hitch accessory. 

Receiver hitches are generally vehicle-specific, have a standard receiver tube size, and are classified into one among 5 hitch classes.

Is It Necessary to Grease My Trailer Hitch Receiver?

If you would like to stay your trailer hitch ball in smart operating order, you ought to use trailer hitch grease. It’s solely a matter of your time before your trailer ball hitch rusts if you’re not victimization grease or a grease various

To stay dirt from protrusive to the hitch, you should be employing dry graphite stuff like CRC Dry graphite Lube. One of the issues raised by critics of trailer hitch grease is that it attracts dirt. 

Employing a dry black lead lubricant, on the opposite hand, can keep dirt treed whereas maintaining the integrity of your trailer hitch ball. Likewise, once applying grease, confirm to withdraw any previous grease. 

The buildup of the previous grease on the hitch may also cause damage. If you don’t wish to use grease, cowl the trailer hitch ball when not in use. However, this can be ineffective as a result of the hitch ball would be unconcealed to the weather for a big portion of the time it’s in use. 

As a result, instead of employing a cover, it is desirable to undertake to stay the trailer hitch ball lubricated. 

If you grease a cover, you’ll still use it, therefore you don’t have to be compelled to grease it as often. It ought to not, however, be your sole line of defense.

The Way To Grease A Hitch Receiver Properly

Once it involves greasing or lubricating a hitch ball, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Get The Hitch Receiver Prepared

If there are any traces of rust on your hitch receiver, gently sand it with bronze sandpaper or fine-grit automotive. 

Once that, totally clean it with a clean towel or a heavy-duty search rag.

Install/Preserve The Hitch Receiver

If you aren’t planning to connect the hitch receiver right away, keep it indoors, as an alternative wrap it in an exceedingly bag to stay it from obtaining wet.

Otherwise, you’ll install it yourself or rent an expert to try to do it for you.

Lubricate and connect to the trailer

Follow the manufacturer’s directions for the stuff you’ve chosen. putt on a try of latex gloves and applying white grease by hand is all that’s required. 

Dry lubricants are sprayed directly onto the receiver. confirm the grease covers all surfaces of the hitch receiver with either method.

The Summary

As it is the sole structural affiliation between the vehicle and also the towing vehicle, the receiver hitch is among the foremost crucial components of any trailer hitch. 

The protection provided by lubricating the hitch receiver is the most significant benefit. Greasing the hitch receiver prevents harm from metal-to-metal contact. It’ll get damaged and in the buff as time goes on. 

The metal rusts and corrodes as a result of exposure to the elements. Grease can facilitate the hitch receiver to last longer by preventing such damage. 

Before happening a visit together with your trailer, gently grease or relubricate the hitch receiver.

Frequently Asked Question

How usually should your trailer hitch be greased?

Grease the mechanical device and hitch ball before each tow, and conjointly monthly, six-monthly, or every 6,000 miles. 

Is it harmful to over-grease trailer bearings?

Once there’s excessive grease in an exceedingly bearing cavity, the rotating bearing components can begin to churn it, pushing it out of the way, resulting in energy loss and better temperatures.

Am I able to install my hitch receiver?

Yes, if you have got the correct tools, you’ll install a trailer hitch on your own. putting in a trailer hitch yourself may be a good way to avoid wasting money.

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