Hitch Up Your Ford Ranger: The Best Options for Towing

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I know Rangers are great for adventures because one of the many great things about it is that the vehicle can tow 7500 at maximum. 

Not to mention its potential of doing well with towing several types of RV. Of course, the towing package is necessary.

You can put a hitch on a Ford Ranger if you want to. The thing needs to be well made and suitable for the Ranger, goes without saying. 

And that is why I wanted to look for the best hitch for ford ranger that tick marks some of the most basic requirements Ranger riders would like to have.

Looks like my hunt was a hit. And I have not just 1 but 3 hitch recommendations to make. Stay still until the end to find more…

How to Pick The Best Hitch For Ford Ranger

Ford ranger tow hitch installed

Before randomly taking a look at any hitch for a ford ranger of yours, how about finding out a bit more about the most crucial factors that involve in deciding the best option?

How The Hitch Looks On Ford Ranger

Trust me, this is important! Many people skip the idea of getting a hitch simply because the overall look scares them. It just does not look nice with a weird shape sticking out from places.

However, you can pass those worries by going for a hitch that comes with shapes suitable to Ranger. Also, a matte finish is what I will strongly suggest as it looks the best factory-like and modern at the same time.

There are also glossy and semi-gloss finish options available. If you are trying to run from the factory-like look, those are the types you’ll find more interesting.

Weight Distribution Benefits

If you will be pulling not just the trailer but also heavy stuff loaded on it, having some sort of weight distribution will really help. 

Especially during terrains that are not the smoothest. There will be fewer bumps and jumps ruining the ride’s stability.

Mounting Style

You want to check how well-mountable the hitch is for your Rangers. Installations of certain hitch types are daunting. 

And if you don’t want those types of hassle (which should be the case) then excuse yourself from any model that looks hard to install. Even if it comes with plenty of other capabilities. 

Sometimes easy assembling and disassembling are the most luxurious basics one needs to have.

The Right Class Hitch for Ford Ranger

You can opt for class 3, class 4 hitch, a 5th wheel type, or even a gooseneck style hitch for the Ford Ranger. These are compatible with the towing capacity you’ll need. Class 3 is the most common style that goes with Ranger and is also the more accessible type.

For longer travel trailers, class 4 hitch works best. While the 5th wheel hitches are great for heavy equipment hauling.

The Gooseneck hitch is like the stepbrother of the 5th wheel, similar in installation spot, tow capacity, and vehicle range. The type is more suitable for full truck bed usage, which is not the case with the 5th wheel hitch.  

Recommended Hitch For Ford Ranger

1. CURT 13138 Class 3 Trailer Hitch – Top Pick

CURT 13138 Class 3 Trailer Hitch Fits Ford Ranger

With a solid carbon steel and powder coating finish construction quality, a wide range of vehicle compatibility for towing, and fabulous weight distribution capacity, the CURT 13138 is by far the best ford ranger hitch that many love within budget and my 2nd favorite one as well.

The CURT 13138 is a more 2-person suitable installation type hitch. If you want it to be quick. That does not mean solo installation is not possible or difficult. It will take you a little less than an hour even if you are a novice. For some, it won’t even take 10 minutes

Mostly you don’t need any drilling into the frame. For example, if you own a 2002 Ford Ranger. However, there are certain years when you might need one or two hole drilling. The hardware that is provided is enough. And the quality of that hardware is also good.

Towing capability is A+ even with good loads on. The distribution of weight helps a lot and smoothens down to make rides extra smooth.

Just invest in a locking hitch bolt I would say, and the CURT 13138 will be more than enough for a Ford Ranger.


  • The making quality is top notch and so is the design.
  • It comes with strong welds and a nice finish.
  • There’s no drilling required with perfect fits.
  • There’s also no need for additional nuts or bolts.
  • Provides secure towing service.


  • Written instructions are not very relatable for certain ranger years.

2. Draw-Tite 75082 Max-Frame Class III 2″ Receiver Hitch

Draw Tite 75082 Max Frame

Next is the Draw-Tite 75082, an alloy steel-made hitch with again powder-coated finish and a max frame receiver design targeted towards sport utility vehicles as well as trucks and vans.

It is an all-frame attachment style of hitch that is also completely welded to provide industry-best construction. And so, you can expect this hitch to last a great number of years.

This ford ranger hitch is easy to install when you have all the holes on the frame already drilled. But the instructions are somewhat off, so not everyone will find it useful.

Another thing about installation is that it takes quite less time, not even half an hour. But for that, you must have some tools ready at your place. 

For example, if you need to take out bolts that are almost rusted, then an impact wrench can make it so much faster. Eventually making the setup chore quicker.

The hitch also looks well-built and with proper care, you can use it for quite a long time. Overall, Draw-Tite 75082 can be a great Ford Ranger suitable hitch to try.


  • The price point is excellent for the provided quality,
  • It is well made with high-quality alloy steel.
  • The installation is simple to do with the proper tools available.
  • Works fairly well with Ford Ranger vehicles.
  • The double coating helps with preventing rust.


  • Slightly expensive.
  • Instructions are a little off.

3. Reese Towpower 37042 Class III Multi-Fit Receiver Hitch

Reese Towpower 37042 is not just a good hitch for a ford ranger but out of these three my favorite one. There are some fabulous aspects to it at a very reasonable price.

The metal construction is great, and there’s also powder coating with this hitch despite the less price point. Not to mention that it’s completely welded.

Now one thing that can make or break the deal is whether or not drilling is required. You see, drilling holes for the Reese Towpower 37042 is quite hard. And if it already does not fit, then the best is to go for the other hitches.

But if the fit is right, this hitch can be a great value-providing option that comes with most of the features you need for safe and efficient towing.

Another thing about the installation is that there’s no alternative to following the instructions as it is. Also, all the needed tools should be present. 

If those two parts are good to go, then the installation is fairly simple and takes quite less time and effort. A first-timer might face limitations though.

Overall, Reese Towpower 37042 is the hitch that will work wonders for those who know how to install and use it right. 

And looking at the price point (the cheapest one on this list) there’s no doubt it is an excellent deal covering most of the things that one needs for towing with a Ford Ranger.


  • The excellent price point for the quality.
  • Includes more than enough hardware for the setup.
  • Great instructions that make installation easy.
  • Fits ford ranger vehicles pretty well.
  • Made solid to survive road abuse.


  • For models that need drilling, installation is hard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best hitch for Ford Ranger

After careful consideration and thorough research, we have determined that the CURT 13138 Hitch is the best trailer hitch option for Ford Ranger.

What size of tow hitch is in the Ford Ranger?

The tow hitch in the Ford ranger is a 2-inch size one.

How much does it cost to add a tow package to a Ford Ranger?

According to Ford, the ford ranger tow package upgrade will cost you around 500 dollars or a little less. This is when you are looking at a new ranger that comes with an already-installed tow package.

How much weight can a Ford Ranger pull?

You can expect a pulling of 7500 pounds with a Ford Ranger. And that’s why some consider Ranger to be perfect for adventure.

How big of a camper can a Ford Ranger pull?

Don’t expect Ford Ranger to pull very heavy models. But most types of campers are okay to tow with it. And this means campers weighing 2500 to 4000 pounds are fine.

Wrapping Up

I think the CURT 13138 Hitch wins the title of best trailer hitch for Ford Ranger. And I’m personally loving it because it provides such amazing features at a low cost. 

Hopefully, my guide has provided you with some solid groundwork to now work on picking a value option.

That’s all for today! See you next time, till then take care.

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