The Ultimate Trailer Hitch for Ford F150: Strong and Durable

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Having the best trailer hitch for Ford 150 is essential if you want to tow your vehicle conveniently. 

Not all trailers have advanced features that can make the overall towing better and smoother. And trust me, this can be a mess and pain if you can’t get the right trailer for your vehicle.

So, to aid you in choosing the best trailer hitch for your F150, we have dug through many different trailers and have shortlisted only those that’ll guarantee you the best possible towing experience. 

Moreover, all these products are well-qualified to be called one of the best trailers because of the following things they have in common: 

  • They can withstand wear and tear
  • Provides high performance 
  • Easy to operate 

So, to help yourself pick the right deal, go through our recommended picks carefully and get a robust, durable, and convenient hitch trailer today.

What to Look for in Ford F150 Hitch?

When you’re looking to buy a hitch trailer for your F150, you definitely would want your trailer hitch to be durable and robust to withstand wear and tear and stay intact for years. 

So, to aid you in choosing the best trailers, I’ve mentioned some of the best hitch trailers that are convenient to operate and affordable. When searching for high-quality hitch trailers, you must first ensure that your trailer is easy to maintain and can haul considered capacity. 

After you think that the hitch is best all-round, then go for your desired style and design. Yes, I feel that a hitch trailer’s looks matter, especially when you are towing for camping or adventurous exploration. 

You also need to look for your hitch trailer’s ball size and mount. Ball mounts are crucial for a safe trailer-hitch connection. Therefore, pick the ones that offer quality attachment and proper safety. 

Finally, all you need to check is the price range and see whether it fits within your budget or not. When you are done with all of these, you can go on buying your trailer hitch for your F150. 

Best Trailer Hitch for Ford F150 

In this section, I’ll let you know about my top picks of the best hitch trailer for your Ford F150 and how these can be one of the best choices for you.

1. CURT 14002 Class 4

CURT 14002 Class 4 Trailer Hitch Ford F 150

Class 4 CURT hitches are designed for heavy-duty work and towing. Moreover, the hitch is welded with extremely robust American steel for maximum durability. 

This version of the CURT hitch also can be used on any Vans, SUVs, and full-size trucks. Moreover, they’re a great option for commercial and noncommercial towing.

Each class 4 CURT hitch is vehicle-specific. So, they manufacture unique and extraordinary hitch models for almost every car, including Ford F150. 

Additionally, this vehicle-specific feature ensures optimal towing capacity, a customized design, and convenient installation.

Although, we’ll always recommend you to consult with the seller first and be sure whether it’s compatible with your vehicle or not. 

This class 4 Ford F150 hitch has a 10,000-pound GTW and 1,000-pound tongue weight capacity, making it ideal for effective and proper towing. 

Moreover, Class 4 hitches have a 2″ by 2″ receiver. This includes a back for a simple dirt and debris cleanup. 

Furthermore, when not in use, the hitch tube covering of this trailer protects the receiver from rust, debris, and other dust elements.


  • Versatile design and safe to use
  • It’s highly UV and rust-resistant
  • Doesn’t need high maintenance 
  • An excellent option for both commercial and noncommercial use


  • The paint may come off with excessive use and no proper care

2. B&W Trailer Hitches

BW Trailer Hitches 2015 2018 Ford F150 Gas Engine Trucks

The B&W hitch trailer might be one of the most flexible options on the market. This specific trailer can effortlessly be adjusted to your required height so that you can pull it at your desired level. It can indeed be a handy feature for many users.

Moreover, you can also choose between a ball set of 2 5/16″. This one even comes with different shank sizes, so it can easily fit with any vehicle, including Ford F150.

Another amazing feature of this hitch is it’s pretty compatible and can easily fit behind your car when you’re not using it.

This Gooseneck trailer is also made of steel and has a powder coating formula to protect it from all weather conditions. 


  • Powder coating finish prevents UV damage and keeps away dust
  • It’s pretty durable and robust in construction 
  • The hitch is pretty flexible to operate 


  • It may require regular cleaning to keep the color finish intact

3. CURT 13118 Class 3

CURT 13118 Class 3 Trailer Hitch

CURT Class 3 trailer provides you with the required strength for heavy-duty towing.  

Whether it’s for setting the camper or simply needing to carry your boat, this trailer is always there to back you up. 

The hitch makes it pretty easy to attach with your Ford F150, as the trailer is designed to fit your vehicle and can handle the different weights.

That’s not all; this Class 3 hitch is also an ideal choice for SUVs and pickup trucks due to its amazing receiver hitch.  

It is also an optimum choice for vehicles like full-size cars, crossovers, and minivans because they can handle a wide capacity of weights. 

Curt hitch can also hold up to 6,000 lbs and GTW 900 lbs. Moreover, it can also be used with weight distribution for effective and proper towing. It even has a WD rating of 10,000 lbs and a WDTW rating of 1,000 lbs. 

This hitch trailer has also been tested with a two-inch receiver tube and has for safety according to SAE J684. 

CURT class 3 receiver hitches are also built with robust steel and accurate welding to make sure they can handle serious towing. 

Moreover, the manufacturer also used a co-cured liquid A-coat finish and black powder coating to protect the hitches from rust, chipping, and UV damage.


  • It can hold maximum weight without showing any signs of damage 
  • The advanced coating protects the hitch from UV damage and chipping
  • An ideal pick for different vehicle types


  • Installing this might be a challenge for beginners 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better?: Class 3 vs Class 2

Class 3 trailers are better in many ways. However, weight capacity is one of the significant reasons for Class 3 trailers to be better than class 2. The Class 2 trailers can only handle up to 3,500 lbs. GTW. Class 3 hitches have a 2 “receiver and can have a gross trailer weight of up to 8,000 lbs.

Is wiring a hitch important? 

Yes, if you want to pull a trailer, you definitely would require wiring. Your trailer’s brake lights, turn signals, and running lights are all connected by the wiring. So, you simply can’t miss out on the wiring.

How much does it usually cost for trailer wire installation? 

The cost of installing a trailer hitch varies depending on the installer and the vehicle you plan to pull the trailer with. However, the standard hitch installation costs around $100 to $150. So, to save this amount, you can always choose those hitch trailers that are easy to install. 


So, after going through this review, you should now be able to pick the best trailer hitch for Ford F150. All the trailers I’ve mentioned here are of excellent quality, and they can indeed give you the ultimate towing experience. 

However, I highly suggest you pick CURT 14002 Class 4 since this trailer can easily withstand wear and tear and even provide you with all the necessary features for an optimum towing experience. 

It’s also an excellent pick for both commercial and noncommercial use. So, you can definitely go with this hitch trailer without any worries. 

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