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A drivable motorhome is an alternative if you enjoy the thought of traveling and seeing the world. They frequently cost a lot of money and aren’t extremely versatile, which is one drawback. 

But, if you could afford it, there’s nothing quite like traveling with all the conveniences of home. However, if money is tight and you’re looking for a more adaptable solution, a travel trailer or a non-powered recreational vehicle can be a better choice. 

The most common kind of non-motorized RV is the travel trailer. You have undoubtedly seen one being towed behind a car or pickup and pulled down the highway.

What Is A Travel Trailer?

Travel trailer on road

The most affordable option to live an RV or recreational vehicle lifestyle is in a travel trailer. There is one thing that all travel trailers have in common, despite their many different names, including bumper pull campers, fifth-wheel trailers, towable campers, truck campers, and camper trailers. 

To use them, you must have a tow truck or pickup technique. All other types of recreational vehicles are outsold by travel trailers. The towing vehicle tows the travel trailer using an attaching point at the back or under the bumper.

What Purposes do Travel Trailers Serve?

Small dwellings that you could tow behind your own car are called travel trailers. And, you must make sure that your own car has the ability to tow the particular travel trailer of your choice. 

For instance, your two-door sports vehicle won’t be adequate to tow any kind of vacation trailer. However, whenever it comes to towing capability, a strong 4-door off-road vehicle gives a significantly better option. 

Basically, your car, SUV, or truck should be able to tow at least one of the smaller travel trailer alternatives if it has a trailer hitch option.

Does the Length of the Travel Trailer Include the Hitch?

The hitch is counted as part of the trailer’s length if it is less than 25 feet long. When it reads “overall length,” 18 feet is listed as the measurement. You, therefore, have a living area of 15 feet and a hitch space of 3 feet.

Hitch length is typically not taken into account when calculating trailer lengths of 25 feet or more. It only measures the living space. But not everyone abides by this principle. 

The hitch is not included in the dimensions provided by some of the trailer manufacturers. When these businesses collect their measurements, they stop at the edge of the living area and omit the hitch length.

The hitch is also not included by certain private owners. Despite the fact that their trailers should have been sold as 12-footers, they advertised them as being 9 feet long. 

Then, some people will mention the trailer’s overall length to give the impression that you are receiving a larger unit than you actually are.

Length Measurement of Travel Trailer

A camper needs three different measurement sets. The real space inside the camper should be the first set of dimensions. The size of the camper’s exterior should come next, followed by the size of the camper overall, taking into account the trailer it is atop. 

The trailer’s internal length, one of the simplest dimensions to take, indicates how much space the trailer has. It simply refers to the distance within the trailer between the front and back walls.

Measure the external length without the tongue of the trailer. The trailer’s whole length is its overall measurement. The length of the trailer with and without the hitch and the towing vehicle should be known. When selecting a parking space or a campsite, the second measurement would be helpful.


In conclusion, travel trailers are indeed a fantastic way to explore new places while being comfortable and pampered. However, you must be well aware of the length of the travel trailer and your complete setup in order to maneuver and park. 

You can explore without worrying once you are aware of such measurements. Your vacation will be easier if you can find a campground area that is the proper size for your trailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is purchasing a camper worthwhile?

When comparing the cost of a traditional vacation that includes flights, rental vehicles, lodging, and dining out, owning an RV can result in significant savings. Meal planning and having a kitchen of your own would help save money.

Is it possible to live in a trailer?

In several states, an RV can be used as a permanent residence for tax purposes or even to claim residency.

How long does a travel trailer typically last?

Most travel trailers are normally between 12 and 35 feet long. One or two persons can fit comfortably in a basic 12-foot travel trailer. A 35-foot trailer has room for up to 10 people.

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