Do I Need A Drop Hitch For Trailer: Decide For Yourself!

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A drop hitch is an adjustable tool that can go up (raise) and down (drop) based on what a driver needs.

Seeing the unique design and its purposes, you could be wondering, do I need a drop hitch at the moment or maybe sometimes later? Or perhaps there’s no need for your usage. Well, the decision could be simple if you look deeper into its characteristics (good + bad).

It surely grants good leverage, adjustment, ground clearance, and a sag-free surface. But, the part will need proper care with grease and also it may come with the drawback of making unusual movements based on the drop in height.

Stick with me till the end, because you are about to discover the reasons for needing or not needing a drop hitch in depth!

When Do I Need A Drop Hitch For Trailer – Exploring The Benefits

If looking into the positives of the adjustable drop hitch, it gets easier to decide whether the part is crucial for your use. Now, let’s elaborate on the pros to help you in the decision-making process!

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Correct The Truck Height Aka Leverage

With the ideal drop hitch dimensions, the gear can give you the perfect leverage which is needed for towing performance. This will also fix the height of the truck to tow properly.

It as well cut down the snag by causing the trailer and truck to stay level. And, the drop hitch helps both vehicles to distribute the weight evenly.

Reduce The Chances Of Sag

Sometimes the extreme rise of the hitch allows a trailer to move rapidly from the left to the right side. Which is a bad thing that causes the truck to sag a lot due to the rear weight of the trailer.

To get rid of this kind of situation, the drop hitch works like magic. It lets the trailer carry the big load with less movement while the truck doesn’t need to face extreme weight on the rear side. Plus, this causes the truck to face no sag.

Add Ground Clearance

As it helps the vehicle to drop at the central gravity point to correct the position, this lets the trailer and tow vehicle find the extra ground clearance. Plus, it helps the truck to find better control to drive on the highway while carrying big loads.

Easy To Adjust

The drop hitch is pretty straightforward to adjust which lets you simply raise or drop the height. One of the coolest things about the adjustable drop hitch is it can be flipped which causes the whole part to lift (to raise the vehicle height) and sink (to drop the truck height).

When I Don’t Need A Drop Hitch – Exploring The Drawbacks

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It is very much possible for one to decide not to invest in a drop hitch because the accompanying drawbacks are absolutely “turn off” for their usage. And this section is all about helping you find out if that’s the case. 

Increase The Movement On Hitch Accessories

Since the drop hitch will suddenly change the vehicle height, it can result in the hitch accessories like a receiver, hitch pin, and other small parts often shaking. The length of the drop hitch lets the gears make more movement.

Need A Lot Of Attention With Grease

The drop hitch will require more lubrication unlike the ordinary hitch to reduce the chances of extreme metal-to-metal contact. For that, you might need to use strong grease or penetrating oil that cleans the surface while penetrating deep into the part.

Apart from the lubrication, it will need cleaning as the drop hitch stays near the ground. That makes the hitch easily catch mud, wet grime, and debris.

What Size Drop Hitch Do I Need?

Based on the truck lift, the right size (length) of the drop hitch will be different. To figure out the drop hitch size, here are the details of the ideal formula.

Formula: Tire Size – Top Section Of Receiver To Ground Height – Lift Height = Drop Height

With the above formula, you can easily guess the drop height through some calculations. Before that, you have to focus on the 3 things and these include:

  • Check your tire size (diameter)
  • Measuring the distance between the receiver to ground height
  • Calculate the lift height

To help you understand the whole thing, here’s an example. Suppose, the truck’s tire size is 35”, receiver to ground height (that gives level surface) is 20”, and lift height is 7”. Now, the drop height that will suit your truck is 8” (35” – 20” – 7”).

Ending Notes

As you know all the good and bad sides of the drop hitch, it would be easier for you to choose whether it’s an essential purchase or not. Based on your needed requirements, pick or skip it.

If you are planning to buy a drop hitch, be sure to check the size formula given above which will help get the ideal ground clearance.

Still asking, why would I need a drop hitch? Hopefully with this guide not be anymore. Catch You With A New One Soon!

do i need a drop hitch

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