How to Install Brightlines Roof Rack

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How to install Brightlines roof rack?” is a common question found among many car enthusiasts. However, due to a lack of proper information and guidance, many users tend to face issues while carrying out the installation process. 

In reality, the overall installation process takes a few minutes and can be easily proceeded with without the need for any professional assistance. All you need to do is unlock and remove the rubber insert, loosen the screws, engage the brackets, slide the rubber back, and then lock the rack. And you are all set!

So, want to know how you can effectively proceed. This 5-minutes read has all the explanations. Read and find out. 

Brightlines Roof Rack Installation?: Step-By-Step Process

Mounting Brightlines roof racks have been a challenge among many car owners. And one of the significant reasons they face installation issues is not having the proper guidance to proceed. So, here in this section, we have concluded all the step-by-step process that will allow you to get your roof rack installed in no time. 

Align Everything in One Place 

When you open the package of the Brightlines, you’ll find different nuts and bolts, the roof rack, and the instruction manual. So, before you can get along with your installation process, ensure that you have all the items stalled in place. This will allow you to stay more organized while installing and you won’t lose any of the items. 

Unlock and Remove the Rubber Insert 

So, the first thing you need to do is remove the rubber inserts of the roof rack. Place your roof rack on a smooth surface and slowly take out the rubber insert from the rack. You can use a screwdriver to pull out the rubber insert.

Loosen the Screw

After the removal of the rubber insert, you find a bunch of screws on either side of the roof rack. You can simply twist them to unscrew or even use a screwdriver if you find them too tight. 

Experts’ Tip: While handling your screwdriver, ensure you don’t apply too much force as it can cause dents on the rack body.

Identify the Bars of the Rack and Ensure it Stays Stable on the Top

When you have completed all the above steps, now you’ll place your rack on the roof of your car. After that, check the overall thickness facing the vehicle’s front and side. However, if your roof rack bars are not fit properly, you will hear wind noises during your drive. 

Engage the Mounting Brackets

Now, engage the mounting brackets to your roof rail, and if you simply loosen the outer screw, it’ll be pretty straightforward for you to slide and engage the brackets to the side of your roof rail. 

However, we’ll strongly recommend that you don’t put any force while engaging the brackets as too much stress can damage it. 

Identify the Desired Position of Your Roof Rail 

After you have perfectly attached the roof rack to the roof, slowly slide it to your desired position. When you find the ideal spot for your roof, tighten all the screws to ensure the roof rack stays firm. 

Slide the Rubber Back and Lock the Cap

In this final step, all you need to do is take back the rubber slide that you took off in the beginning of the installation process. When you are done, lock and cap the roof rack to keep them intact and firm. 

Note: If all the procedures are carried out perfectly, you’ll be done with the overall installation in no time. 

Bottom Line

Installing roof racks can be pretty effortless if you have the proper manual to guide you. So, we believe that after going through this blog, you won’t have any doubts regarding how to install Brightline’s roof rack on your car. Although this procedure has little to no safety issues, you should still wear protective goggles and carefully handle your screwdriver (if you use one) to maximize your safety. 

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