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Toyota Sienna is one of the best family SUVs out there. So if you’re looking for a ride for weekend family trips and adventures, it’ll be the perfect one to go after.

Because of this specific reason, I bought one several years ago. As an adventure junky, I wanted to spice up our family trips with fishing and mountain biking. But there was a problem.

You see, there’s no way I’d carry bikes inside of the SUV. Yes, it’s roomy enough to put three or four cycles. But if I do that, it’ll damage the interior. Hence, I had to find a different route.

The best way was to buy a trailer hitch so that I could tow bike racks or campers or fishing boats or any other components. So keeping that in mind, I started my quest to find the best hitch for Toyota Sienna.

I have to admit, finding the perfect match back then was no joke. Because there was close-to-nothing information, I didn’t rely on internet reviews.

I had to research hard, talk with friends, and most importantly, believe in my instincts. Then I learned, “Instincts aren’t that helpful when you’re purchasing something.”

Result? I had one or two bad experiences in the beginning. But lucky for you, I have enough good experiences in my bag. Let’s see which trailer hitches I’ve found to be the best for Toyota Sienna in my years of user experience. 

Top 5 Hitches for Toyota Sienna – My Picks

Let’s address the elephant in the room first. I haven’t used all the available hitches out there. But, as I told you before, I’ve used enough to put together a list of five for you. I hope this list will save you from the hectic job of searching for a hitch. 

So, let’s get to the list.

1. CURT 13105 Class 3 Trailer Hitch

CURT 13105 Class 3 Trailer Hitch Fits Toyota Sienna

CURT is one of the biggest names in Towing and Hauling industry. For the past several decades, they’ve been making best-of-the-best trailer hitches. So it will be a shame if I don’t put a CURT in number one. Hence, I bring 13105 for you.

It’s one of the very first trailer hitches of mine. I bought it from amazon, and my friends heavily backed the purchase. Let me tell you, “ALL MY FRIENDS AREN’T TOXIC”, aka my friends got me a good piece.

As the name suggests, the device belongs to the Class 3 category. Since Class 3 hitches have a 2-inch receiver, it easily fits most bike racks and cargo carriers.

The product meets the SAE J864 safety standard. That means it has adequate strength to pull your trailers to their destination.

In terms of number, the device has a capacity of 3500 lbs. of Gross Trailer Weight and has a tongue weight capacity of 350 lbs. This is perfect because Sienna has a maximum towing capacity of 3500 lbs.

To be very honest, there are many things to like about the device. However, I like the design and build most. The combination of high-quality carbon-steel construction and 2-layer coating ensures optimum strength and Longevity.

The two-layer coating starts with an A-coat that sets the base, followed by a black powder finish. The second finish gives our product a premium glossy look and offers protection from UV rays, chipping, and rust.

CURT features easy installation on its products. Because who doesn’t like hassle-free life?

I guess this is why I was able to set it up in just an hour despite having limited knowledge. Not gonna lie. The go-to box installation guide was a big help.

However, there was a slight complication after installation. I found the receiver tube was angled upwards about 5 degrees.

I immediately called one of my friends, and he inspected everything properly. According to him, I did everything correctly. Unfortunately, it was the shipment that gave the product got an awkward bend.

So, I had no other option but to call the manufacturer. They listened to everything and replaced it with a new one.

The second-time installation went smooth as butter. Again, I was able to complete the setup within 30 minutes.

CURT 13105 fits all the models of Toyota Sienna from 2011 to 2022, including hybrid ones. So if you own a Sienna from that period and looking for a quality trailer hitch under $250, this is the one you should go after.

2. Draw-Tite 76112 Class 3 Trailer Hitch

Draw Tite 76112 Class 3 Hitch 2011 2020 Sienna Models

The ever-lasting rivalry between CURT and Draw-Tite gave humankind top-notch towing devices. To put respect before their rivalry, I’ve chosen Draw-Tite 76112 as my second product. Let’s find out why I think this one deserves to be the best hitch for Honda Sienna.

To begin with, it has a Gross Trailer Weight of 3500 lbs. with a tongue capacity of 525 lbs. At the same time, the previous CURT has TW (Tongue Weight) capacity of 350 lbs. 

Trailer TW can draw a line between safe and dangerous towing. Hence, I would take the extra 175 lbs. capacity any day.

In terms of design and build, I always prefer Draw-Tites over CURT. The steel base design gives it a funkier and bolder look. On the other hand, black powder and e-coat finish protect the hitch from rust, UV rays, or chipping.

Though the device features easy-bolt installation, I found installing a bit hard the first time. I felt that CURTs are way easier to remove and set up. However, I got used to it from time to time. Now, I can install a DT within 30 minutes.

Before you reach the brink of insanity regarding installation, let me give you an idea of how I did it the last time.

First, I had to remove the plastic under-armor covering my Sienna’s gas tank. After that, I unhooked the muffler and then bolted the hitch frame. It had six bolts, and I only needed a home wrench to put those on. So there’s no need for welding or modification. Not that hard, right!!

One friendly tip, it’s better to coat the bolts with grease before installation and try to hand-tight those before using the WRENCH. Also, always start with the exhaust side first. It’ll give you a good head start.

Like all other class 3 hitches, it has a 2-inch receiver. So, most towing components, such as bike racks, cargo carriers, and ball mounts, will fit it perfectly.

Complete hardware kits and installation manual is already in the go-to box. If you’re a complete newbie, you can look up to it. Or there are too many YouTube videos available. Pick your favorite one and be done with the installation.

DT doesn’t compromise anything related to quality. For this reason, all its hitches meet the J864 rating before leaving the factory.

To sum things up, 76112 has a great TW capacity, moderate GTW capacity, and best-quality build. All of this only comes at below 200 USD. I would call it a great deal any day.

It’s compatible with Siennas from 2011 to 2020. Hence, this isn’t for you if you’re looking for a hitch for older models.

3. CURT 13511 Class 3 Trailer Hitch

CURT 13511 is another class 3 trailer hitch that I’ve chosen for you today. Unfortunately, despite liking this hitch a lot, I couldn’t use it on my SUV. Why? Stay with me, you’ll understand.

Let’s break it down point by point.

First of all, the DESIGN. Are you seeing any difference from the previous CURT model? Yes, you do.

13511 has a straighter frame. On the other hand, 13105 isn’t 100% straight. Parabolic at the edge. This is the main difference in their design. They two have another difference, but I’ll save it for the last.

The two hitches belong to the class 3 category meaning the 13105 also has a 2-inch receiver hole.

According to the manufacturer, the hole has a Tongue Weight capacity of almost 350 lbs. The whole frame can take up to 3500 lbs. of total weight. Similar to the previous hitch.

The carbon-steel-made trailer has two types of coating to ensure the utmost security. Liquid Bonderite is applied at the first layer inside and outside to create a base. And the Black Powder finish covers the device with its glossy look.

The result is top-notch protection from UV rays, chipping, and rust. No worries in rough weather. You may again find the construction and finish quite similar to the other model.

Then what’s the difference? Just wait a bit more, please!

CURT says the model features easy installation. It even provides an installation guide and necessary tools (always) to make things easier. If I’ve to guess about your probable installation time, I won’t go past 45 minutes.

However, I’ve found some internet reviews about its fitting issue. Many people complained that it doesn’t sit flat on the frame. They had to do a bid modification to complete the setup.

Another worrying thing I’ve found is that few people got the hitch with a receiver bigger than 2-inch. I quote this as “Dangerous.” Measurement failure can lead up to dangerous accidents.

Yes, our device is made, and lab-tested in the USA. It meets the required SAE J864 rating. But all of this isn’t enough to hold onto a smaller shank.

Remember, I said at the beginning that there is another difference between CURT 13105 and 13511. And because of that, I couldn’t use it on my vehicle. So let me disclose it to you now.

CURT 13511 is a vehicle-specific product. So, it won’t fit other cars out of its compatibility list. The list starts with Toyota Sienna 1998 and finishes with 2003. I CAN’T HAVE ONE FOR MYSELF since I’ve got a Sienna from 2014.

I guess you’ve got the answer.

This towing device has power, durability, and strength. In short, it has all the qualities to get a place underneath your SUV (Only if you have an older one).

4. Draw-Tite 75237 Class 3 Trailer Hitch

I’m not gonna bore you AGAIN with another same-but-not-the-same product. This is the second Draw-Tite model on my list. But it has some REAL upgrades from the previous products. So let’s break down Draw-Tite 75237 and understand why it got a place on my list.

To start with, this model is a bit stronger than the previous one. Despite having the same material(steel), it can carry more weight. The device has a Gross Total Weight of 4500 lbs. and 675 lbs. of Tongue Weight.

It’s the design that made a difference here. This one has a straighter frame with six main bolt points. The flat body gives the hitch more stability and power to tow more weight.

Like all the trailer hitches, it has a receiver tube in the middle. It can hold up to any rectangle shanks of 2” x 2”, which covers most of the towing components these days (I think I’ve said that a million times now).

Coming back to the build, the device has a 2-layer coating like its predecessor (in this list). The layering starts with A-Coat as a base and finishes with Black Powder to provide a glossy look. As you already know, the powder coating protects the device from adverse weather conditions, rust, and UV rays.

The hitch comes with an easy installation feature. There’s no welding or modification needed. On top of that, the bolt-setup technology gives you the extra edge to easily hook it up.

However, I’ve seen a few cases where people had some issues setting up. For example, some of them said that the pre-drilled nut holes of their hitch didn’t match the holes of their vehicle. Despite having the compatibility check, they faced this.

Fortunately, I didn’t face anything with my purchase. But I had one or two similar experiences with a different hitch. In my case, it was wonky shipping.

If you get a damaged product, talk to the dealer and return it immediately. Since all Draw-Tite towing devices are heavily backed by their Nationwide Lifetime Warranty, you’ll get a new one within days.

Rust can also cause serious disturbance while you set up a hitch. Hence, I always clean the pre-welded nut-holes (on the vehicle) before putting on any hitch.

The previous DT isn’t capable of attaching with any Siennas before 2011. But the 75237 is compatible with all the models from 2004 to 2020. So I’ll consider this one as a plus point too.

Summing up everything, 75237 is more powerful, durable, and versatile than 76112. I’ll recommend this trailer hitch any day for Toyota Sienna Owners.

5. Reese Tow-Power 51080 Trailer Hitch

The last product on my list belongs to the well-known heavy-duty towing company REESE. It has a rich history of making the most reasonable hitches in the market. So, with a few considerations, I’ve chosen its Tow-Power 51080.

Let me tell you why I consider this as one of the best hitches for Toyota Sienna.

In terms of design, I’ve always found REESE hitches similar to the Draw-Tite models. Draw-Tite ones have six pre-drilled holes so does this one. With a straight body, this product looks just like the previous DT.

About the build, Tow Power is solely made with industry steel to ensure optimum strength and security.

About the strength, the hitch packs 3500 lbs. of GTW capacity and 350 lbs. of TW capacity. Well… It’s degraded from the previous DT product but mostly similar to other products on my list.

On top of that, Tow-Power costs only 120 USD, whereas any hitch from its caliber costs more than 250 US Dollars. For this reason, I find REESE a well-grounded deal any day.

Like all the previous hitches, this one also belongs to class 3. This means it has a 2-inch receiver that opens up to any shank of size 2 x 2.

Most bike racks and other towing components come at a 2-inch shank. So, having a class 3 hitch on the back of your SUV is a good thing.

The device meets V-5 CSA and SAE J684 standards altogether. Moreover, its entirely inspected and lab tested by REESE’s engineers. It’s probably the reason why this hitch never disappointed me.

It features a bolt-on installation. Hence, setting up the product is as easy as the previous CURT and Draw-Tite models. Moreover, since our hitch has pre-drilled nut holes, there’s no need for extra modification or welding.

All necessary bolts and the installation guide are included in the go-to box. The guide is clear to its core. You need only a home wrench to be done with the installation.

Regarding compatibility, the trailer hitch fits a wide range of Toyota Siennas. You can attach it with all kinds of Siennas from 2004 to 2022. If you own hybrid ones, don’t forget to ask the dealer about compatibility before buying.

One last thing, REESE’s product is good, but its customer service is horrible. I’ve had a bad experience along with A LOT OF PEOPLE ONLINE. I would not expect that much response from them if I were you.

Other than that, I don’t have anything against its products. They’re good, durable, strong, and IMPORTANTLY reasonable. So if you’re on a budget and still looking for a quality hitch, REESE Tow-Power 51080 should be the one you should go after.

Things You Must Consider Before Buying a Trailer Hitch for a Sienna

Choosing the right trailer hitch is always a challenging task. Since the internet is filled with too many options, it becomes more confusing. Forward sellers put the icing on the cake. It even gets tougher for the first timers. 

What’s the solution here?

Here’s the catch, finding the right hitch is a hell of a job, but it’s not rocket science. In fact, it’s a child’s play if you consider certain things. 

Now, I’ll talk about those “Certain Things” so that you can easily find the best trailer hitch for your Toyota Sienna.

Remember Why You need a Trailer Hitch in the First Place

Before slapping your vehicle with a trailer hitch, you must know why you’re even buying it. There are different kinds of hitches out there to serve individual purposes. The purchase will be a big waste if it doesn’t match your plan.

For example, you want to tow a cargo carrier with your SUV. To do that, buying a hitching device that is perfectly compatible with these carriers is compulsory. Also, the selected product must have the required strength to do so.

If you want to tow a 3000 lbs. component by a 1500 lbs. maximum capacity hitch, there’s a good possibility of everything falling apart. On the other hand, buying a tool with 8000 lbs. of GTW, in this case, is also a BIG overkill.

To stay out of the above two scenarios, you must buy a hitch that completely satisfies your and only your purpose. That means you must select a device based on your vehicle and the trailer you want to tow.

If you want to tow a bike rack, you need a different hitch from the one you’re supposed to buy to tow a fishing boat.

To sum up, before going out to hunt the perfect hitch for your Sienna, you must decide what you want in the first place.

Select a Proper Class

When you’re aware of what you want to tow with your Toyota Sienna, it’s time to look at the available options. Trailer hitches are divided into 5 Classes, where Class 1 hitches can handle the least weight and Class 5 the most.

Class 1 hitches can take up to 2000 lbs. of maximum weight. At the same time, Sienna’s weight capacity is 3500 lbs. So, buying these hitches for your SUV won’t meet your vehicle’s potential.

Class 2 hitches can go up to 3500 lbs. Not bad, but there’s a problem. See, all class 1 and 2 products have a 1.25-inch receiver tube. This can create a lot of problems because most of the towing components have 2-inch shanks these days.

Class 4 and 5 hitches have 2-inch receiver tubes, but their weight-carrying capacity lies around 8000 to 12000 lbs. Since our SUV can pull 3500 lbs. at most, buying these hitches will be a bit overkill. And they’re kind of pricey too.

So, there’s only one class left, and fortunately, this is the perfect class to go after. Class 3 hitches have a towing capacity of 3500 lbs. to 8000 lbs. Also, these hitches have 2-inch receivers.

Since Toyota Sienna has a towing capacity of 3500 lbs. and you want to pull most towing components, Class 3 hitches are perfect.

Plan According to Your Budget

Having a budget plan is always better before slapping your vehicle with a hitch. These components are available in a wide range of price points. For this reason, you’ll get confused if you don’t move around with a proper target.

People like me will always explore reasonable options because I get the same features for less money. So, why not!

For instance, REESE hitches are almost capable of pulling performance like CURTs or Draw-Tites at a lower price. So I would always go for that one any day.

On the contrary, if you’re running around with a heavy pocket, there’s no harm in going for a higher price.

The bottom line is to select a number and surf the internet revolving around it. This will make your life a bit easier.

Durability Should be a Concern

Remember, you’re buying a towing device for an SUV. And you’re gonna need it to perform mid-heavy to heavy duties. To do that, the tool must have enough strength. For this reason, the selected product must check all the boxes regarding durability.

The most common way to understand if your hitch is durable or not is to look what’s the material inside. High-quality carbon steel or industry steel construction is always the best option.

Outside coating is also vital for durability. It saves your hitch from adverse weather conditions, UV rays, and rust. In addition, the more layers of coating a trailer hitch have, the more durable it is.

Generally, I prefer a 2-layer coating. In most cases, the first layer starts with an A-coat base, and the second layer is made with black powder. Finally, the last layer gives the hitch a glossy and premium look.

To sum up, ensure your hitch is made with high-quality material and features a 2-layer coating. These two things are enough to make the towing device more durable.

Check Compatibility Guide

Suppose you were in a club where you saw a beautiful girl last night. You approached her and for some reason, you two connected. The night went superbly as you laughed, danced, and flirted with her.

But in the morning, when you’re about to ask her out, she said NO. Because she’s not into you and cherry on top, left with somebody else. It’s bad, isn’t it?

Try to imagine this again, but you’re a vehicle this time, and the girl is a trailer hitch.

Since it’s a vehicle-specific product, only a selected vehicle or a range of vehicles, no matter how much durability and strength a hitch has, it doesn’t matter if it’s compatible, AKA INTO your ride.

Every towing device comes with a compatibility guide pointing to its correct vehicles. Check that guide before your purchase.

If your hitch doesn’t have a guide, call the manufacturer and ensure you’ve got the correct one.

The above factors ensure you’ve got a correct hitch in your hand. I am not claiming these to be a universal guide. I’m saying that by following these, you’ll have a good head start. It’ll save you from a blind purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions You Might Have on Toyota Sienna Hitches

Let’s be honest. People have different concerns and questions about bike racks. It’s even more evident when using them with a Toyota Sienna. Furthermore, this humongous guide won’t answer all your questions. 

This is why I’ve put together this section which addresses specific queries my readers have. I’ll be answering them as they pile up.

Can a bike rack with a 1.25-inch shank fit class 3 trailer hitches?

With some modifications, a bike rack with any shank size can fit any trailer hitch. Let me tell you how.

Generally, most bike racks come with 2-inch shanks, and class 3 hitches have a 2-inch receiver. For this reason, buying trailer hitches from this category is always recommended. But sometimes, few racks come with the 1.25-inch tube. Then it becomes a little complicated.

In this scenario, buying a hitch adapter can be the only option. This slick device can easily fit 1.25-inch shanks into class 3 trailer hitches.

Can Toyota Sienna tow a small fishing boat?

If the fishing boat weighs anything between 1500 lbs. to 3500 lbs., Toyota Sienna can easily pull it. The SUV has a maximum weight capacity of 3500 lbs. Therefore, it should be able to pull anything less than this weight.

Generally, a small fishing boat weighs around 1500 lbs. to 2000 lbs., which appears to be an easy task for the vehicle. So, the answer is yes, Toyota Sienna can tow a fishing boat.

Can I put a hitch on older Sienna models?

Yes, you absolutely can. Trailer hitches are available for all Toyota Sienna models from old to new.

A trailer hitch is a vehicle-specific product. Every item is made for a fixed model(s). For this reason, checking the compatibility guide before buying is necessary.

CURT 13105 hitch is compatible with Siennas from 1998 to 2003. Like this item, there are hitches that you can use in your older Sienna models.

Do I need a wiring harness along with a trailer hitch?

Yes, you need a wiring harness if you plan to tow a trailer. And it’s kind of a necessity.

The wiring will connect your trailer’s light brakes, turn signals, and running lights with your ride. This way, you can control these from the inside of your vehicle. For this reason, you must wire your hitch before trips.

How often do I need to change the hitch on my Toyota Sienna?

There’s no straightforward answer to the question. Generally, it depends on you and your vehicle. However, I would recommend you change the hitch every spring.

Winter puts extra pressure on the hitch. So, if you have a trailer hitch attached to your vehicle all winter long, it’s better to remove and replace it in spring.

The Final Words

Trailer hitches act as a bridge between your vehicle and the trailer. For this reason, it’s salient to pick the best one at any cost. Otherwise, both the vehicle and trailer might face an accident.

In the above article, I tried to put a list of the best trailer hitches for Toyota Sienna. Of course, I’ve used all the mentioned products personally along with other ones. But the list contains the best-of-the-best ones according to my experience.

If somehow my list fails to impress you, the buying guide is there. It’ll help you to get the best product according to your preference.

Toyota sienna trailer hitch

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