Trailer Hitches for Nissan Rogue 

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Due to the increasing demand for Nissan Rogue, the options for compatible trailer hitches have significantly increased, which makes it difficult for anyone to pick the best one. 

Even the best trailer hitch for Nissan Rogue is very different from one another, and choosing the best one for your Nissan can be a challenge. 

Usually, users tend to face a lack of durability, flexibility to operate, and heavyweight issues with their hitches. So, to aid you with all these issues, we have shortlisted the best hitch for your roaring Nissan and even ensure supreme design, operating convenience, and, most importantly, robust durability.

Therefore, this review will tell you about the go-getter hitches you can pick and the astounding features you’ll be getting along with. For instance: 

  • Capable of hauling in 3500lbs 
  • Powder coated finish
  • Suitable for heavy-duty trucks and passenger cars alike 

So, let’s wait no further and dig down to know all the ins and outs of your Nissan Rogue trailer hitches. 

What to Look for in a Nissan Rogue Hitch? 

It is important to ensure the hitch you are about to purchase meets all the necessary criteria and serves your needs properly. Gross trailer capacity and tongue weight, durability, and most importantly, the compatibility of the trailer to your vehicle are some of the factors you need to be careful with. 

For most trailer hitches, it is crucial to ensure that the weight of the hitch itself is not beyond your vehicle. This ensures that the car is not overloaded when pulling in the trailer. Maintaining the recommended weight also ensures that the bumper is not damaged or affected in the process of hauling the trailer. 

Your Nissan Rogue hitch must also carry about 60% of the total weight in front of them. Overloading it with weight at the back will compromise the integrity and cause loss of control and balance of the vehicle along with the trailer. 

Moreover, durability needs to be looked for good. You simply won’t want to go and get your hitch repaired once in a while. So, it’s always recommended that you pick those hitches where the manufacturer can guarantee you the best durability regardless of the towing it needs to do. 

Therefore, always check for the criteria before you can go on and purchase a hitch for your Rogue. 

Nissan Rogue Trailer Hitches 

Our experts have shortlisted three of the best hitches for Nissan Rogue that ensure quality and performance at their best. Everything needed to know about these trailers is described down below with details. This is to help you understand why and what about them qualifies as the best so you can choose the very best for yourself. 

1. Draw Tite Trailer Hitch Class III For Nissan Rogue 

Draw Tite trailer hitch compatible with Nissan Rogue

The Draw Tite trailer hitch class III comes with a 2-inch receiver and weighs only 32 pounds. It is a lightweight trailer hitch capable of hauling in as much as 3500 lbs gross trailer weight and 350 lbs tongue weight. 

Powder coating prevents signs of wear and tear over the years and prevents the metal hitch from rusting. It has a powder-coated finish, essentially a process of painting on metals that helps it last longer. 

Since this coating is baked on the surface, it is extremely durable, resistant to weather or climate change, and intensive towing. 

Another essential factor regarding this hitch is its astounding lightweight. Since it’s made of alloy steel, so these are pretty lightweight and durable at the same time. Therefore, it provides security to both the trailer and the vehicle while ensuring safety by minimizing the possibility of a loss of control. 

This hitch is incredibly versatile and capable of hauling your vehicle without showing any distress. It comes with a removable ball mount and clip, elevating the security system while hauling in maximum weight. 

In short, the hitch is a must-have, especially if you want to experience the best towing for your vehicle. 


  • It can easily withstand stress without dents or scratches
  • Convenient ball mount latching system 
  • Powder coating resists rust and corrosion
  • Has an impressive gross trailer weight 
  • Made of superior quality alloy steel 


  • Pins, ball mount, and clip need to be purchased separately 

2. CURT 13377 Class III Trailer Hitch 

CURT 13377 Class 3 Trailer Hitch Fits Nissan Rogue Sport

This trailer hitch comes with a 2-inch receiver end and almost weighs next to nothing at only 0.01 ounces. Even though it essentially weighs next to nothing, users have found it pretty simple and enjoyed operating it. 

CURT has consistently been putting out trailer hitches of top-notch quality and is beloved by its customers. This is one of those well-loved hitches due to its ease of storage and transportation. Moreover, the overall assembly is also pretty simple, so you won’t require any assistance.

With the 2-inch X 2-inch receiver, this hitch latches itself to your vehicle with ease and no fuss. It has a ball mount that allows you to carry a bike rack, cargo carrier, and a tow hook, among several other items. 

Not only is it suitable for Nissan Rogue but several other towing options, trucks, and minivans, too, due to the standard receiver. 

According to the SAE J684 standards, the aftermarket hitches have been tested several times to ensure absolute security without any risk factors. Therefore, this hitch has also been tested in every way possible to ensure its strength, security, and grip during towing. 

Moreover, the double-coated powder finish on it is what resists rust and corrosion. It also repels damage due to prolonged exposure to water longevity. The powder coating also prevents any chipping or fading off the surface, protecting the trailer from heat and other weather changes. 


  • No assistance needed to install and assemble
  • It’s pretty safe to operate 
  • Double  powder coated to prevent corrosion
  • UV protected to minimize heating 
  • Easy mounting system 


  • Requires to be cleaned after each use 

3. CURT 12122 Class II Trailer Hitch for Nissan Rogue

CURT 12122

CURT 12122  is a robust and dependable hitch made of carbon steel material and a welded steel build. The carbon steel used in making it has higher tensile strength, inevitably making it much stronger than average stainless steel and aluminum. 

You can say this trailer is undeniably strong to cause any dent or damage, let alone break or crack. 

It is rated with a gross trailer weight of 3500 lbs and tongue weight of 350 lbs. The recommended gross weight is enough for anyone using it for regular average towing purposes. Moreover, it’s also capable of hauling in weight without any troubleshooting, making it an ideal pick for anyone.

The receiver on it is a 1-¼ inch X 1-¼ inch standard receiver end, most likely to be compatible with a wide range of vehicles, trucks, and vans. That’s not all; its versatility and compatibility also come in handy in emergency situations. 

Installing it onto any vehicle is about as easy as it can get. Since it only weighs about 28 pounds, you don’t need assistance installing or moving it. It comes with a ball mount to help you easily latch it onto any vehicle with minimum effort in no time with absolute security. 


  • Pretty robust for optimum towing
  • Compatible with several other vehicles 
  • Allows storage for several items, including smaller trailer 
  • Easy to install and assemble
  • Resistant to dents and damages 


  • Relatively smaller receiving end than others 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these trailer hitches specific to each vehicle?

Even though these trailer hitches are made to provide a custom-like fit on the vehicle, each is highly versatile and easily compatible with several other types of vehicles, including trucks, cars, and vans. 

These trailers are highly compatible with most types of vehicles as long as the recommended weight range and limit are met to ensure safety and security. 

How long does it take to install these hitches? 

The installation part of these hitches is about as easy as it could get. Due to being so incredibly lightweight and versatile, installing each of these takes little to no time. Most of these come with a ball mount that is very easy to work with without needing assistance. 

Are these hitches durable and long-lasting?  

All the hitches mentioned above are guaranteed to be long-lasting and protected with powder coating to maximize their longevity. 

These have been tested to ensure resistance to rust and corrosion over a long time, which also helps them last longer. Since these are also made of high-quality steel or metal, there is no doubt about their durability. 


Several types of hitches are available in the market to choose from. However, the best hitch for Nissan Rogue is not only limited to Nissan Rogue. Each of these hitches mentioned above is highly durable, long-lasting, and capable of hauling in an impressive amount of weight. 

However, the CURT 13377 Class III trailer hitch is recommended by our experts as the best due to its easy maintenance, compatibility with other vehicles, and thorough security tests. According to our experts, this is the best you will get within this price range that checks all the necessary boxes to ensure safety and output. 

Nissan Rogue Trailer Hitch

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