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It’s what every boater wants to know when searching for a hitch: will their boat fit the tow vehicles without sticking out of their vehicle, or worse, breaking their SUV? What about four-wheelers? Staging? Bike racks?

Well, you can wave off all these worries by getting the best boat trailer hitch. I’ll talk about the towing capacity of trailer hitches. Also, the gross trailer weight capacity and different types of tow balls along with many more so that you can get a clear idea.

What to Look for in a Boat Trailer Hitch?

Choosing the right boat trailer hitch is a complicated task and one that you can’t afford to get wrong. It’s not just about how much it can tow, there are numerous factors to consider before making a final decision, and I’m going to talk about the major ones below.

Weight Capacity

When you’re looking to buy a new boat trailer, you’ll want to make sure it’s rated for the weight of your boat and trailer combined—known as the gross trailer weight (GTW). This spec should be labeled on the trailer itself.

The weight rating is determined by a combination of axle ratings, frame construction, and tire capacities. You can find out more about how to determine whether a specific trailer has an adequate GTW rating by contacting your boatbuilder, dealer, or trailer shop.

Ball Size

The ball size is the diameter of the hitch ball. It is important to ensure that the hitch ball size matches your boat trailer’s coupler. If you have a 3-inch ball and your boat trailer has a 2-inch coupler, it will not fit properly and may damage your boat or trailer.

If you are unsure what size ball you need, check your vehicle’s owner’s manual or call the manufacturer.

Hitch Ball Mounts

The hitch ball mount is a critical part of your boat trailer hitch. It connects the trailer to your vehicle, and it needs to be strong enough to support both the weight of the boat and the weight of any hitch-mounted cargo carrier you want to tow behind it.

Moreover, the hitch ball mount should also be easy to use so that you can hook up your boat without having to spend too much time fumbling with the hardware.


pay attention to the size of the hole in the drawbar — the part that connects your trailer to your truck. It needs to be big enough so that you can easily connect it to your vehicle and small enough so that it doesn’t cause too much damage if something were to get caught in it (like a fishing line).

And finally, make sure that your drawbar has the right amount of drop or rise—this makes sure that when you tow your trailer, it rides level instead of leaning one way or another and causing damage to everything inside!

Recommended Hitch for Boat Trailer

Let’s introduce you to towing boat trailers that offer great weight carrying capacity, tow balls, hitch receivers along with other features. All of the models were tested properly and intensely so that you can attach them to your vehicle’s frame and start to tow.

1. B&W TS20037B Trailer Hitches – Top Pick

BW Trailer HitchTS20037B

B&W’s TS20037B trailer hitch is an excellent choice for any driver who wants to make sure their cargo is secure, easy to load and unload, and ready to take on long road trips.

This hitch has been designed with the 2-inches and 2-5/16-inches tow ball sizes in mind. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about purchasing multiple ball mounts when you need different sizes.

You can tow a trailer of any height with the exact vehicle as this hitch adjusts in 1-inch increments to accommodate different heights. So, you don’t have to worry about buying multiple hitches for your pickup trucks.

It comes with a tongue weight of 1,450 lbs. and a maximum weight capacity of 14,500 lbs. making it ideal for you to haul large loads like boats and ATVs.

Besides, the ball mount of TS20037B from B&W has built-in hitch balls so that you can quickly and easily attach a trailer to your tow vehicle.

Moreover, its steel construction, coupled with the ecoat (electrostatic) and black powder coat finish, provides remarkable corrosion resistance and rust protection.

You can store your trailer ball and mounting platform under your car, thanks to its stowable design. You’ll enjoy the hitch’s hidden storage feature of this tow vehicle.


  • Multiple ball sizes to add versatility.
  • Adjustable heights for towing trailers of different height
  • Easy to attach by in-built hitch balls
  • Protects from rust and corrosion owing to the two finish
  • Painless to store when not in use because of the stowable designed


  • It doesn’t provide the receivers pin

2. BulletProof Class 4 MD204 Hitches

Bulletproof Hitches MD204 for boat trailer

BulletProof Class 4 MD204 Hitches are the best in their class. It is the perfect solution for your truck. It’s made from high-quality materials, so you know it will last.

The Class 4 MD204 is made of stainless steel that is treated with a corrosion-resistant layer to keep your hitch from rusting. This means you can use them for years without worrying about them rusting.

You’ll get two balls with it, a 2-inches and a 2 5/16-inches perfect tool for the job. Most importantly, they’re made from cast steel, so they’re tough enough to handle any task you throw at them.

Unlike common hitches, you can use this with any vehicle with a 2-inch receiver hitch, thanks to the 2-inch shank. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

Furthermore, with a max tongue weight of 2,000 lbs. and a max gross trailer weight capacity of 14,000 lbs. The BulletProof hitches are sure to meet all of your hauling needs.


  • Corrosion-resistant layer to make the hitches long-lasting
  • Dual robust balls to deal with any kind of work
  • 2-inch receiver to make it compatible
  • 14,000 pounds towing capacity


  • A bit heavy duty towing equipment


Weigh safe 180 hitch

The WEIGH SAFE 180 HITCH CTB6-2 is the perfect accessory for your home, farm, or business. Whether you’re a farmer who wants to move hay bales, a homeowner who needs to move a couch, or just an enthusiast who wants to move heavy boats, this hitch will help you get the job done.

This hitch has an in-built tongue weight scale that provides a measurement every time you attach your trailer to it. Not all hitches offer this feature to make it easy for you never to overload your vehicle again.

The Weigh Safe 180 Hitch CTB6-2 is a must-have for any truck owner. It is made of solid aircraft-grade aluminum and chrome-plated steel. So, it’s both light enough to keep your truck from tipping over when it’s empty and strong enough to keep up with whatever you’re hauling.

Furthermore, the tow ball gross trailer weight ratings are 12,500 GTW for a 2 5/16-inch ball and 8,000 GTW for a 2-inch ball. You’ll be able to tow heavy boats with ease!

It is pretty incredible that you can simply rotate the ball mount slider, and in seconds you’ll be able to switch between two different sizes of balls without having to remove your entire hitch setup. You never have to guess again.

The CTB6-2 is a 1-inch increment adjustable trailer hitch that allows you to choose the angle and distance between your vehicle and trailer. So, whether you’ve got a long-hauler or a weekend warrior in mind, it has your back.


  • In-built tongue weight scale for ease of work
  • Made of high-grade aluminum to make it endure
  • It offers two balls to haul different weights.
  • Effortless to switch the balls by using the slider
  • Adjustable 1-inch making it convenient to work with


  • It doesn’t include any pins

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of hitch do I need for a boat trailer?

You’ll want a Class I, II, III, or IV hitch. The hitch you choose will depend on the weight of your boat and its trailer. Class I hitches are for ships that weigh up to 2,000 lbs. GTW, while Class II hitches are designed for boats that weigh 3,500 lbs. GTW. If your boat weighs more than that, you’ll need a Class III or IV hitch.

What size hitch do I need for a boat trailer?

The hitch size you need depends on your boat’s size and how much weight it will carry. A one-ton hitch should do the trick if you’re just taking the boat out to the lake. But if you plan to go on long-distance trips or tow other vehicles, a two-ton hitch will be necessary.

What is the difference between a Class 4 and Class 5 hitch?

Class 4 hitches are intended for use with smaller, lighter passenger vehicles. It is a light-duty hitch with 12,000 lbs. maximum gross towing weight and a 1,200 lbs. tongue weight.

On the other hand, Class 5 hitches are intended for use with heavy-duty applications, such as trucks and SUVs. These hitches are able to support up to a 20,000 lbs. gross trailer weight while still being able to handle a 2,000 lbs. tongue weight.


All things considered, there are a lot of different types of hitches for boat trailers out there. Each has its own set of pros and cons, and it’s essential to keep this in mind before making a final decision about which is the best hitch for boat trailer that’ll be suitable for you.

If you personally ask me to choose one out of these trailer hitches, I’ll go for the B&W’s TS20037B trailer hitch. It is made of solid steel and has a great weight-carrying capacity, you can attach it to the vehicle’s frame painlessly. This hitch makes towing full-size cars a lot easier.

Towing boat with a trailer hitch

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