Secure Towing Basics – Are Pintle Hitches Safe To Use?

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Adding the pintle hitch to connect a big loaded trailer with a truck is a pretty basic use of it. This contains a latch, hook, mounting plate, and safety pin to ensure a good connection.

A lot of drivers doubt the ability and ask are pintle hitches safe or not. For industrial, agriculture, and military purposes, the pintle hitch is harmless to use on big trailers.

As we all know its towing capacity which is around 10,000 – 150,000 lbs (4,536 – 68,039 kg) on average, it won’t void the safety of carrying larger trailers.

Stick to this guide till the end to find out the in-depth reasons behind the pintle hitch’s safety.

Explaining Are Pintle Hitches Safe Based On Facts!

It actually depends on the purpose and towing capacity of the pintle hitch. Based on these 2 points, we’ll show its usage on different trailers to give the reason why it’s safe to use. Let’s go.

Are Pintle Hitches Safe For Heavy Trailers?

All pintle hitches are made to use for towing big and bulky trailers. Meaning it can simply be used on the truck by securing the hitch with the safety pin to take loads of 8,000 – 14,000 lbs trailers.

Above all, the pintle hitch is legal to use on the highway that won’t violate the law on road safety. 

They can make a little vibration on every bump but help a lot to keep the load steady and reduce the movement issue despite that.

For keeping the trailer secure and safe during the ride, a pintle hitch does a great job.

Are Pintle Hitches Safe For Military Trailers?

Military trailer with pintle hitch

To move the military trailers in a safe way, the heavy-duty pintle hitch has the ability to make that happen. You’ll find better shifting even in rough ground or terrain when using it over the ball hitch.

Plus, a large number of military folks use it to complete the task of carrying old and bulky trailers. 

It’s true that the pintle hitch helps the trailer to stay balanced and level no matter how rough the road condition is. 

Other than that, it will move pretty easily although the towing weight is huge. Some trailers even have a hand brake for safety purposes.

Are Pintle Hitches Safe For Off-road Trailers?

Towing off road trailer

Towing an off-road trailer is safe and useful with the pintle hitch as it has strong capability. However, it may give some annoying moments especially when you hit the brake which causes the pintle hitch to move around the ball much faster.

Yeah, it might give some bad time struggling to stop the movement of the trailer. However, the pintle hitch will help you do the serious off-roading comfortably, unlike the ball hitch.

Are Pintle Hitches Safe For Semi-truck Trailers?

Pintle Hitch on Semi Truck

As the pintle hitch has the ability to tow bigger trailers, it can be used on converter dollies or semi-truck trailers. This won’t cause a bad experience on the road even if bumps pop in as it can absorb very well.  

Are Pintle Hitches Safe For Travel Trailers?

Using the pintle hitch on travel or camper trailers will be a bad choice. It will cause the tongue to bounce up and down when bumps appear which can pressure the camper to crash badly. Meaning it isn’t safe for towing the travel trailers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would you use a pintle hitch?

The pintle hitch is used to haul bigger loads of trailers with a truck. It helps to maximize the towing ability after attaching the truck to the trailer and ensures less movement. This also keeps the load secure on the road.  

Are pintle hitches noisy?

Yup! It can make noise depending on the road condition. If the road has tons of bumps and rough terrain, the pintle hitch will shake and cause a cracking sound. Otherwise, it won’t make noise.

Is pintle hitch better than the ball?

Yes, if pointing to the towing capacity. The ball hitch can tow for around 10,000 lbs which is less than the pintle hitch TW (towing weight). Plus, you’ll get better movement of the trailer with the pintle hook than the ball mount.

What are the most common causes of pintle hitch accidents?

Improper installation/maintenance, wrong hitch selection, improper securing of the trailer load and lack of towing safety practices are some of the common causes of pintle hitch accidents.

Wrapping Up

Pulling a heavy trailer on challenging terrain is only possible with a reliable pintle hitch. You need to use it based on the trailer type as not all pintle hitches are made for the same trailer.

Depending on the towing weight rating of the hitch, you can use it on specific trailers or pickups. In terms of safety, the pintle hitch gives protection for drivers, trucks, and trailers.

Now, are pintle hitches safe? Hopefully, you can answer that for yourself now. And simply use it to haul or tow the big trailers (except for the travel trailer). Good Luck!

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