Why Are Hitch Covers Necessary: Do You Need One?

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Once I saw a friend’s hitch entirely hidden with a nice cover and that might have positively impacted me so much that I instantly wished for one and eventually got it as well. One of the best purchases, I must say!

So, are hitch covers necessary? Absolutely! Apart from the appearance, you’ll be able to protect your inner hitch parts (from rain, dust, and other obstacles).

You must need one as well. Or maybe you are just not sure yet. Stick till the end. In this guide, you’ll learn why this item is almost compulsory and whether you will need one right now or not!

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Are Hitch Covers Necessary For You?

It only makes sense to give its benefits a closer look, to find out if those benefits are beneficial to your usage specifically. For that, you also have to heavily weigh those benefits with your priorities to decide if it seems logical to call the cover necessary right now or not. Let’s see!

#1: Keeping Hitch From Getting Dirty

With the cover, the hitch won’t face the dust that traps inside the power source (hitch area) when riding for a long time. 

Apart from the powdery sand, you won’t find the wet grime stuck inside the hitch if using the cover. And I find this point essential enough to get a cover.

#2: Preventing Hitch From Surface Damage

As you know, driving outside can meet unexpected weather crises like heavy rain, sunray, or snow. These things are one of the worst enemies of hitch interior areas. Nearly 90% of drivers face raindrops in the hitch which later builds rust and decay.

UVR (Ultra Violet Radiation) can harm the hitch badly by causing early peel as it boosts oxide film that eventually increases the collision activity. The little cover can help with this by covering the hitch to stop the interaction of the sunray and the part.

But wait, that’s not all. It also stops ice building up inside the hitch (which is pretty hard to get rid of) during the winter climate.

#3: Hiding The Not-So-Great Actual Look Of A Hitch

It will surely hide the rusty or old vibe of a hitch in a second. You see, most hitch covers come in different styles, designs, and types which are also pretty attractive. 

It will help your old hitch to stay underneath, while the new outlook of the cover gets all the attention instead. And that way you will avoid those annoying brown and yellow things ruining people’s naked eyes.

#4: Protecting The Hitch Kins

The exposed hitch and its interior parts (like kins) will surely face harm due to shock or vibration if continuously holding a heavy trailer on a bumpy road.

To prevent this kind of situation, the tiny cover shield on the outside causes the inner parts to shake and stay in place without falling off. That’s quite helpful!

#5: Making The Truck Visible Thanks To LED Lights

Sometimes due to hitch and trailer connection, it gets hard to see the taillights. This issue can be solved by putting the hitch cover over it which offers integrated LED lights.

Resulting in other drivers seeing your truck with a trailer in the dark areas and adding safety. Plus, you can attach extra brake lights to stop rear-end collisions or falls.

Do You Need A Hitch Cover Right Now?

To decide if you need a hitch cover or not, you have to think of some factors based on the current hitch conditions. These include –

  • Appearance of hitch
  • Hitch internal damage
  • Spoil of hitch due to climate change

In our opinion, if you care about the visual and protection of the hitch, it would be better to buy a decent quality hitch cover.

But, if you aren’t bothered by the damaged condition of your hitch, how it looks with a clear rusty vibe, and weather-related issues, skip the purchase. I don’t think the latter one will be something anyone would prefer, honestly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do hitch covers prevent rust?

Yes. A hitch cover reduces the exposure of the hitch to rain, moisture, and other corrosion-causing elements. It may not fully prevent rust, but it can help keep your hitch in good condition for longer.

Can I use any hitch cover on my vehicle?

No, you can’t. You save to choose the right size cover for your hitch.

How do I install a hitch cover?

Installing a hitch cover is typically a simple and straightforward process:

  • Remove the existing hitch cover
  • Clean the hitch
  • Prepare the new hitch cover
  • Secure the hitch cover
  • Test the fit

What are the popular trailer hitch cover brands?

Bully, Curt, EverHitch, MaxxHaul and bRok are some popular names when it comes to hitch covers.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, hitch covers are a vital accessory for individuals who regularly tow trailers, boats, or other equipment. These covers offer essential protection for your hitch. It provides shields from dirt, debris, and harsh weather conditions. By investing in a hitch cover, you not only extend the life of your hitch but also ensure its optimal performance and functionality. This smart and necessary addition to your towing setup ultimately makes an informed decision about whether to use a hitch cover an easy choice.

This small hitch accessory can save you time, money, and frustration by preventing potential damages and costly repairs. With a hitch cover in place, you can focus on enjoying your journey and reaching your destination confidently, knowing your hitch is well-maintained and cared for.

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