Are Fifth Wheel Hitches Removable

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Removable 5th wheel hitch

Yes, it is possible to remove fifth wheel hitches. Technically, all fifth-wheel hitches are removable. However, in traditional hitches, the rails stay on the truck bed after removing the 5th wheel hitches because the rails cannot be removed. More information on the 5th wheel hitch removal is provided below.

Types of Fifth-Wheel Rails

As I mentioned before, all fifth-wheel hitches are removable technically. I stated technically because some rails of the fifth wheel remain in the truck bed and cannot be removed.

If your vehicle does not have a puck system for installing a 5th wheel, you must select a fifth wheel with a permanent or removable base rail system. 

Fifth wheel hitch- Bed rails 

The rails are mounted directly into the truck’s frame while being installed horizontally to the bed. Pins are used to fasten the hitch to the bed rails. If you want to remove the hitch you will need to remove the pins. After removing the pins your hitch will come out. But you can’t remove the rail from your truck bed. The rail will remain in the truck bed, which is not removable, so you cannot have a flatbed.

Fifth wheel hitch- Under bed rail

Some types of bed rails are attached to the underframe of the truck bed and the hitch is installed over the truck bed. This kind of bed rail is produced by manufacturers such as Reese and Curt and many others. 

The under-bed rail 5th wheel saves space in the truck bed. The advantage of the under-bed rail fifth-wheel hitch is you can get a flat truck bed after removing the 5th wheel hitch. You can simply remove the 5th wheel hitch from the truck bed. There will be no rails left on the vehicle bed after the hitch is removed. You can use the truck bed completely without interruption. 

Fifth wheel hitch for the truck with puck system

5th wheel hitch on puck system

Many pickup vehicles now include a puck system to install the fifth wheel hitch. You can simply install and remove the fifth wheel hitch from your truck bed.

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Why not take the truck bed’s fifth hitch rail off?

The rails will remain in the truck bed if the 5th wheel hitch is removed from the bed rails. Once the rails are bolted through the bed to the frame brackets, they must remain in place.

Repeatedly removing the bed rails would put unnecessary strain on the mounting hardware, weakening it. As a result, the hardware is only intended to be used once.

Removing the 5th Wheel Hitch

Remove the lock pins first before removing the hitch head. Then hold the handles and pull them up to release the head from the arms. The base can be removed more easily because it won’t be as heavy when the head is taken out.

Last Words 

All types of 5th-wheel hitches are removable. You can remove the 5th wheel hitch by following a few steps. Choose the 5th wheel hitch with the under-bed rail if you want a flat and clear truck bed after removing the hitch. Because some 5th wheel hitch rails are attached to the truck bed and cannot be removed even after the 5th wheel hitch is removed. You will not have a clear bed after removing the hitch if you use this type of rail.

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