Are Curt Hitches Good Purchase or Should You Skip It?

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Nowadays many manufacturers have successfully made available fantastic qualities and some of them are always hype. Curt is one such brand that provides hitches that some find amazing while a few don’t like.

And that might make one wonder, are curt hitches good, or is there a better brand to get from? I thought for some time and figured out that going through the making quality, the test standards, and other factors to measure curt hitches would be a great route.

Yes, curt hitches are good options for a wide range of users as it offers so many styles, high-quality welding, the latest features, fab strength for towing, and excellent reliability altogether. Most of their hitches are made to last a long time with high-strength steel making and rust-resisting finish.

I’ll try to elaborate on each of these qualities below for you to make your judgment.

Different Types of Curt Hitches

Curt Hitches Are Made In the USA To Give Industry Standard Quality

Several procedures are done on CURT hitches inside the USA such as:

  • The main engineering of the hitches.
  • Fabricating the components.
  • Strength building welding process.
  • Application of protective finishing.
  • And safety standards meeting tests.

All of these procedures are done on a curt-made hitch to make sure everything from the design to the final finish is up to industry expectations. 

And by looking at these procedures, it’s safe to say the built quality of curt hitches seems promising.

Curt Hitches Come with Protective Finish Against Road Salt, Debris, and Water Damages

A good quality hitch should not just be made strong but also must have the ability to resist usage-related wear and tears as much as possible.

Looks like CURT has done a great job here as well. The finishes that curt uses on its hitches are meant to prevent any rust-related issues. Also, it helps to prevent any drastic functionality loss of the hitch.

The finishing procedure consists of a few major steps:

  • A descaling process is done at first on the hitch surface to make it smooth enough for holding the finish better.
  • A liquid A-coat with rust-resisting ability is then used for evenly covering the interior and exterior surface on the curt hitch.
  • The coat is then layered with another black color powder coat, which is meant to make the hitch even more durable.
  • Both the liquid and powder coats are then cured together to leave the hitch with industry-standard protection providing a powerful final finish.

Meets Appropriate Road Safety Standards Set By SAE

CURT hitches go through a strict testing procedure to make sure each piece is meant to survive as it should on road usage. 

The designs are planned to meet the SAE J684 standards. Now if you don’t know already, this test standard considers usage for most types of trailers.

According To TrailerBodybuilders, SAE J684 is a standard that includes couplings, hitches, and safety chains used in conjunction with all types of trailers or towed vehicles whose GVWR does not exceed 10,000 lb.

So, with crucial safety testing also on board, all the construction that goes behind each curt hitch is actually valuable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all components of Curt Hitches made in the USA?

No, some components are not made in the USA. However, the hitches are engineered and produced in the USA before the final ship out takes place.

Do curt hitches come with good welding quality?

Yes. Several robotic and manual welding procedures are involved in creating curt hitches. So that the final output serves with maximum precision and efficacy.

What components of Curt hitches are made in China?

The trailer hitch balls from Curt are generally produced in China.

Wrapping Up

You can go anywhere hauling your cargo carriers, trailers, or even boat when there’s a trailer hitch bolted to your vehicle. So, it’s one of those accessories you want to precisely choose for your vehicle.

Are curt hitches good options to try or something you would like to excuse? To me, curt is one of my favorite hitch brands that shows some amazing expertise at reading user needs and coming up with excellent hitch models constantly.

But then again, there are other hitch brands too that shine with their unique dominating points. If those impress you, don’t hesitate to check their hitches.

Also, keep in mind that simply which brand a hitch comes from won’t decide if that would be useful for your needs or not. Make sure you ponder over other critical hitch selection factors before making a purchase.

Are CURT Hitches Reliable

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